Latest Noise Stories

2008-11-24 10:15:00

Christine Strange and her husband, Nigel, say a couch in their home in the British city of Bristol makes mysterious noises because they believe it's haunted.

2008-10-27 09:00:14

To expand its resources for future product design and customer support, Monitoring Division, a provider of network diagnostics, has opened a new operations center in East Melbourne, Australia.

2008-10-16 11:00:00

By significantly reducing the uncertainty in delicate measurements of microwave signals, the new amplifier could boost the speed and precision of quantum computing and communications systems.

2008-10-10 15:00:20

By Emily Van Cleve For the Journal If modern music seems like a cacophony of sound that makes no sense to the ears, John Kennedy's new lecture series is the perfect antidote.

2008-10-06 10:45:00

Rattlesnakes are not the friendliest creatures. Ordinarily, they are best left alone instead of being snuck up on. However, when it is your job to record the sounds of Western animals, you do not have the luxury of avoiding them.

2008-09-29 09:00:36

By IAN SWANSON Scottish EDINBURGH Airport bosses have been urged to bring in lower noise limits for planes after a system of fines helped cut the racket endured by people living near the flightpath.

2008-07-30 21:00:27

LOS ANGELES, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- BETA Records (betarecords.com), the expanding international network and community of music artists and fans, will partner with Surroundphones Holdings Inc, (SoundWave360), enabling artists to upgrade MP3 music files with a proprietary process giving their music more analog sound, cleaner dynamics, higher signal-to-noise ratio and more depth in playback, particularly in the portable headphone environment.

2008-07-22 15:00:48

By Sonu Munshi, The Tribune, Mesa, Ariz. Jul. 22--A key study outlining 20-year projections for Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is almost complete. Airport authorities are hosting a public workshop today to seek resident feedback on the 18-month study to update the airport master plan.

2008-07-17 12:00:49

By Mark Kanny, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Jul. 17--Percussionist Steven Schick embraces the wide world of sound, finding inspiration in unexpected places to explore the potential of the instruments he plays.

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  • Any of various tropical Old World birds of the family Indicatoridae, some species of which lead people or animals to the nests of wild honeybees. The birds eat the wax and larvae that remain after the nest has been destroyed for its honey.
Honeyguide birds have even been known to eat candles.