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Violent Video Games Self Control Unethical Behavior
2013-11-25 14:55:02

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Ever since the horrific incident at Columbine High School, violent video games and mass shootings have been intertwined. Now, a new study from an international team of researchers has found playing violent video games not only increases aggression but can also cause players to exhibit less self-control and more unethical behaviors. The study researchers found these effects were strongest in teenage participants who scored high on a...

2013-05-04 11:53:17

Boys who frequently play violent games may be desensitized to physiological and emotional effects, suggests study in Psychosomatic Medicine Teenagers who are highly exposed to violent video games–three or more hours per day–show blunted physical and psychological responses to playing a violent game, reports a study in the May issue of Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, the official journal of the American Psychosomatic Society. The journal is published...

Violent Video Games Leads To Cumulative Violence
2012-12-10 15:48:30

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online There´s been another study released which further supports a theory that mothers have known for decades: Violent video games can bring out the aggressive side of the kids who play them. This new Ohio State University study is the first to provide evidence that the negative side effects from playing video games can actually build and grow over time. After studying a group of gamers for 3 consecutive days, Brad Bushman,...

2010-09-10 11:16:00

ESA Files Brief Urging Court to Uphold Lower Court Rulings WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A brief asking the United States Supreme Court to find unconstitutional a 2005 California law restricting the sale and rental of computer and video games to minors was filed today by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). The ESA, the trade association representing computer and video game publishers, said in its brief that the 2005 California statute, which would deny First...

2010-06-07 20:07:10

Bad effects depend on certain personality traits; games can offer learning opportunities for others Playing violent video games can make some adolescents more hostile, particularly those who are less agreeable, less conscientious and easily angered. But for others, it may offer opportunities to learn new skills and improve social networking. In a special issue of the journal Review of General Psychology, published in June by the American Psychological Association, researchers looked at...

2009-02-20 16:50:21

Violent video games and movies can make people numb to the pain and suffering of others, U.S. researchers said. Two studies conducted by University of Michigan Professor Brad Bushman and Iowa State University Professor Craig Anderson demonstrated that exposure to violent media produces physiological desensitization -- lowering heart rate and skin conductance -- when viewing scenes of actual violence a short time later. In one study, 320 college students played either a violent or a...

2009-02-20 10:55:50

Violent video games and movies make people numb to the pain and suffering of others, according to a research report published in the March 2009 issue of Psychological Science.The report details the findings of two studies conducted by University of Michigan professor Brad Bushman and Iowa State University professor Craig Anderson.The studies fill an important research gap in the literature on the impact of violent media. In earlier work, Bushman and Anderson demonstrated that exposure to...

2007-04-04 13:25:00

AMES, Iowa -- New research by Iowa State University psychologists provides more concrete evidence of the adverse effects of violent video game exposure on the behavior of children and adolescents. ISU Distinguished Professor of Psychology Craig Anderson, Assistant Professor of Psychology Douglas Gentile, and doctoral student Katherine Buckley share the results of three new studies in their book, "Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents" (Oxford University Press, 2007). It is...

2005-08-20 09:50:00

Review of studies finds strong short-term effects, especially in boys Violent video games with protagonists that hunt, maim and kill are linked to at least short-term aggressive behaviors in children, according to the first large-scale review of studies on the subject. While the effects of these highly realistic games over the longer term remain unclear, the impact on kids' attitudes toward violence is worrisome, researchers say. "Children and adolescents are becoming desensitized to this...

2005-08-19 15:32:05

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Most studies done on violence and video games support the conclusion that violent video games can increase aggressive behavior in children and adolescents, especially boys, researchers said on Friday. An analysis of 20 years of research shows the effects can be both immediate and long-lasting. "The majority of the studies would suggest there are effects," said Jessica Nicoll of Saint Leo University in Saint Leo,...

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