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Texas Alligator Lizard
2007-03-19 15:29:01

The Texas Alligator Lizard, Gerrhonotus infernalis, is a species of alligator lizard found in the central region of the American state of Texas, and south into Mexico. They are relatively slow moving, diurnal lizards, with good vision. They are often found in on rocky hillsides, where they hide amongst the stones or in limestone crevices. It is a medium-sized lizard, growing to a maximum...

Southern Alligator Lizard
2007-03-19 15:27:17

The Southern Alligator Lizard, Elgaria multicarinata, is a lizard native to the Pacific coast of North America. It is common throughout Southern California and can be found in both grasslands and urban areas. Several subspecies can be distinguished, including the San Diego alligator lizard. It has a prehensile tail up to twice the length of its body. Like many lizards, however, it can drop...

Northern Alligator Lizard
2007-03-19 15:25:21

The Northern Alligator Lizard, Elgaria coerulea, is a medium-sized lizard that lives in the North American west cost. It occurs along the Pacific Coast and in the Rocky Mountains from southern British Columbia through Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana south through Oregon until the coastal range and the Sierra Nevada in central California. These lizards can attain a length of...

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