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Snakehead Identified By CSI-type Study
2013-11-26 07:41:39

Several Canadian biologists, including two at Simon Fraser University, are breathing a collective sigh of relief after learning that a monstrous fish found in a Burnaby, B.C. pond is not a northern snakehead.

2011-02-28 09:30:00

Conservation and fishing groups are calling on the federal government to improve outdated laws and prevent the next invasion WASHINGTON, Feb.

2007-06-06 06:00:13

CHARLOTTE, N.C. _ A lazy Sunday afternoon, Mother's Day, like many Barry Faw had spent fishing on Lake Wylie.

2005-08-03 16:45:36

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The snakehead fish, a voracious predator from Asia, has taken up residence in a lake in New York, and experts are mulling options, including salt and poison, to evict it. Snakeheads, which can grow to about three feet long, have the capacity to ravage the local fish population.

2005-02-15 07:33:02

A group of Western county commissioners who have problems with the Endangered Species Act has petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to have the northern snakehead, an Asian fish that's invaded the East, protected under the act.

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2007-03-26 13:12:26

The Giant snakehead is the largest in the Channidae family, capable of growing over 50 inches. It is widely distributed in the freshwater of Southeast Asia and some regions of India. The scientific name of the giant snakehead is Channa micropeltes, and other names include Red snakehead and Ikan toman (where Ikan is Malay for fish). The young of the Giant snakehead is red in color, with orange and black lateral stripes appearing after about two months. As the Giant snakehead matures, they...

2007-03-26 13:10:26

The Northern snakehead (Channa argus) is a fish native to China, Russia, and Korea. In the United States, the fish is considered to be a highly invasive species. The distinguishing features of the northern snakehead are a long dorsal fin, small head, large mouth, big teeth, length up to 40 in (1.0 m), and weight up to 15 lb (7 kg). The northern snakehead is a freshwater species and cannot tolerate salinity in excess of ten parts per thousand (Courtenay and Williams 2004). The fish's...

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