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2012-02-14 19:50:00

Groundbreaking and Hilarious new Music Video Blurs the Line Between Romance, Art and Plastic Surgery. Miami, Florida (PRWEB) February 14, 2012 Set for a Valentine´s Day release, the world´s first nose job love song, begs the question “How far would you go for love?” Would you risk your life? Would go under the knife? Would you fly to Miami and let an eccentric plastic surgeon, whom you have never met, permanently alter your face? No? Well then L.E. (Doug) Staiman...

2012-01-25 13:05:00

After numerous surgeons turned down the case of a man with a large perforation in his septum, Dr. Jason B. Diamond took on this challenge as he was compelled to help the patient move on with his life. The success of this procedure attests to Dr. Diamond's skills as a Beverly Hills board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) January 25, 2012 Just when Dr. Jason B. Diamond thought he saw it all, he was presented with a rhinoplasty case that many...

2011-10-14 09:44:22

Are you sure your nose is plugged? Nose feel congested and stuffed up? Scientists from the Monell Center report that the annoying feeling of nasal obstruction is related to the temperature and humidity of inhaled air. The findings suggest that sensory feedback from nasal airflow contributes to the sensation of congestion. This knowledge may help researchers design and test more effective treatments for this familiar symptom of nasal sinus disease. Nasal sinus disease, usually caused by...

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2013-03-05 14:47:26

The nose is the organ that extends outward in the middle of the face between the eyes and mouth. Formation and Orientation The shape and look of the nose is dependent on the ethmoid bone and the nasal septum which is the cartilage that separates the two nostrils. The evolutionary hypotheses of nose development in humans propose that noses are alterations of the angles of the skull because of bipedalism. Because of the change in diet that has come with modern time and the change of...

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