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2009-07-24 07:34:20

US researchers have created 'bacterial computers' with the potential to solve complicated mathematics problems. The findings of the research, published in BioMed Central's open access Journal of Biological Engineering, demonstrate that computing in living cells is feasible, opening the door to a number of applications. The second-generation bacterial computers illustrate the feasibility of extending the approach to other computationally challenging math problems.A research team made up of...

2009-04-27 18:02:05

A Polish man was named the top puzzle solver at the World Sudoku Championships in Slovakia, but some criticized the contest for having unclear rules. Jan Mrozowski, 22, was named the winner after judges spent an hour deliberating a complaint from the Turkish team that the rules had not been explained properly before the final round, The Times of London reported Monday. I don't yet know how I feel, Mrozowski said after besting contestants from 26 other countries. It's too soon. The last puzzle...

2009-03-16 17:41:41

A South Carolina computer scientist says he has come up with an infallible system for solving sudoku puzzles. J.F. Crook, a computer scientist at Winthrop University, said in the latest Notices of the American Mathematical Society that he has come up with the first mathematically guaranteed system for solving the popular numbers puzzle, USA Today reported Monday. Sudoku generally involves a grid of 81 squares, some of which contain numbers 1-9. The object is to fill in the remaining boxes...

2005-10-19 10:39:13

By Jeffrey Goldfarb FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Sudoku is adding up to big sales for book publishers, who are pushing out more new titles ahead of Christmas in case the number puzzle mania fizzles out. In Britain alone, more than two million sudoku-related books have been sold since the Times newspaper first introduced the addictive puzzle to readers just last year. At one point earlier this year, six of the country's top 10 nonfiction bestsellers were sudoku books, and if publishers'...

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