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2008-08-05 12:00:59

By STEVE TERRELL Republican makes few references to oil in spot By Steve Terrell The New Mexican After nearly two months of television ads by Democratic U.S.

2008-07-21 03:00:39

By Hagadone, Zach U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, returned recently from a fact- finding trip to France, where he toured several AREVA nuclear facilities and met with the energy giant's CEO Anne Lauvergeon.

2008-07-16 06:00:40

Text of unattributed report headlined "Another media blitz planned on nuclear energy" published by Indian newspaper The Hindu website on 16 July New Delhi: Stating that the India-US nuclear deal will end India's technological isolation suffered since the Pokharan tests, Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Murli Deora said on Tuesday [15 July] that the deal assured the country of supplies needed to power the future.

2008-07-15 12:00:53

Text of report by Indian news agency PTI New Delhi, 15 July: Petroleum Ministry is planning a second round of media blitzkrieg to explain the strategic importance of nuclear energy, which Oil Minister Murli Deora said would help reduce revenue loss on fuel sales.

2008-07-11 09:00:59

By Judy Dempsey With Germany committed to reducing global warming gases while struggling to deal with soaring fuel costs, one of the giant energy companies in the country said Thursday that Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition could only deal with both issues by extending the working life of the country's nuclear plants.

2008-07-10 12:01:10

Text of report by leading Estonian newspaper Postimees website on 7 July [Commentary by Taavi Veskimagi, Pro Patria and Res Publica MP: "Energy Rule: Change or Die"] According to the widely accepted scenario, the world population will grow by 50 per cent by 2050.

2008-07-09 06:00:34

By Dee DePass, Star Tribune, Minneapolis Jul. 9--Defense and aerospace contractor Alliant Techsystems is about to go nuclear in a big way.

2008-07-08 18:00:36

By DAVID HUNT JEA is finalizing a contract that would blend 206 megawatts of nuclear energy - enough energy to light up about 20,000 homes - into the region's power portfolio.

2008-07-07 00:00:18

By A. Kathirasen IN the book Power Builds The Nation, writer Muzaffar Tate says: "If Ramanath had had his way, Malaysia today would already possess its first nuclear power station, sited most probably at Lumut or Port Klang." Tate was referring to A.

2008-06-30 09:03:12

Roundup: Jordan's first nuclear plant looms amid deals with Western powers AMMAN, June 29 (Xinhua) -- Jordan's first nuclear plant is looming in sight as it inked a preliminary nuclear cooperation deal with Britain on Sunday, the third one in a month with Western nuclear powers on pumping nuclear energy.

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