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2009-02-18 09:57:22

Technique may provide data for NIF nuclear fusion effort The enormous pressures needed to melt diamond to slush and then to a completely liquid state have been determined ten times more accurately by Sandia National Laboratories researchers than ever before. As a bonus to science, researchers Marcus Knudson, Mike Desjarlais, and Daniel Dolan discovered a triple point at which solid diamond, liquid carbon, and a long-theorized but never-before-confirmed state of solid carbon called bc8 were...

2009-01-28 08:21:51

Physicists at The University of Texas at Austin have designed a new system that, when fully developed, would use fusion to eliminate most of the transuranic waste produced by nuclear power plants. The invention could help combat global warming by making nuclear power cleaner and thus a more viable replacement of carbon-heavy energy sources, such as coal. "We have created a way to use fusion to relatively inexpensively destroy the waste from nuclear fission," says Mike Kotschenreuther, senior...

2008-12-03 16:10:00

Research carried out at MIT's Alcator C-Mod fusion reactor may have brought the promise of fusion as a future power source a bit closer to reality, though scientists caution that a practical fusion powerplant is still decades away.Fusion, the reaction that produces the sun's energy, is thought to have enormous potential for future power generation because fusion plant operation produces no emissions, fuel sources are potentially abundant, and it produces relatively little (and short-lived)...

2008-10-27 15:00:20

U.S. scientists say they've created a new cast stainless steel that is 70 percent stronger than comparable steels. Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the U.S. ITER Project Office located at ORNL said the new steel in being evaluated for use in the huge shield modules required by the ITER fusion device. ITER (originally the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is a multibillion-dollar international research and development project to demonstrate the...

2008-10-24 10:25:00

Research that has provided a deeper understanding into the center of planets could also provide the way forward in the world's quest for cleaner energy. An international team of scientists, led by the University of Oxford, working alongside researchers at the Science and Technology Facilities Council's (STFC) Central Laser Facility, has gained a deeper insight into the hot, dense matter found at the center of planets and as a result, has provided further understanding into controlled...

2008-10-14 13:20:00

Rusi P. Taleyarkhan, a Purdue University scientist is suing two other faculty members for alleged defamation. Taleyarkhan, a professor of nuclear engineering, was reprimanded over claims he produced nuclear fusion in tabletop experiments. Now he has filed a complaint in Tippecanoe Superior Court that Lefteri Tsoukalas and Tatjana Jevremovic made false and malicious public statements that led to "a successful campaign to ruin Taleyarkhan and his sonofusion research." In August, the university...

2008-10-07 13:00:41

Europe is looking into an alternative fusion project that would seek abundant clean energy using a colossal laser the size of a football stadium. The laser would produce energy by squeezing together atoms of hydrogen - a process very similar to the one that powers our Sun. Europe is already working on the Iter fusion venture that seeks to produce the same outcome via magnetic compression. The Hiper program is seen as a necessary complementary route. "We have two approaches because of the...

2008-09-13 09:00:20

By TOM BEAL Energy expert Nate Lewis says nuclear fusion will solve our energy problems. Fusion occurring on our nearest star, 93 million miles away, produces enough energy in an hour to power our world for a year, says Lewis. We just need to find better ways to cheaply capture it and store it. Lewis is the George L. Argyros Professor of Chemistry at CalTech, the California Institute of Technology. He has studied energy worldwide and recently co-authored a study on Arizona's energy...

2008-09-10 15:05:00

Scientists are currently seeking to develop new stronger steel in light of recent findings that show weakness in steel due to its magnetic properties. Dr Sergei Dudarev, principal scientist at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) told the British Association Science Festival that the Twin Towers in New York City fell because their steel backbones lost strength in the fires that resulted from the plane impacts. Their discovery marks the first time that experts have identified...

2008-07-20 09:00:35

FOUR DOLLARS is more than just the current price for a gallon of gas. It's also the cost of getting Americans to pay attention to national energy policy. Unfortunately, $4 a gallon is still not enough to get politicians to shift beyond tired platitudes and political divisions. Perhaps after a few more months of paying history's highest prices for gas, heating oil and electricity, and with an election looming, voters will force Washington to do the right thing. In the meantime, U.S. Rep....

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2004-10-19 04:45:41

Solar Radiation -- Solar radiation is radiant energy emitted by the sun due to nuclear fusion reactions. Fusion is the process whereby stars produce huge quantities of energy from the fusion of hydrogen or helium, in one of the most efficient processes of energy generation. The radiation referred to is usually electromagnetic energy, particularly infrared radiation, visible light, and ultraviolet. Some stars are known to emit radiation of other wavelengths. Solar neutrinos are a...

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