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Japanese PM Declares ‘Cold Shutdown’ At Fukushima, Some Remain Skeptical
2011-12-17 06:40:56

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda announced Friday that Fukushima´s nuclear reactors have finally been stabilized after a catastrophic earthquake-tsunami combination in March led to dangerous radiation leaks and mass evacuations. While Japanese authorities say that it will likely take decades to completely clean-up and dismantle the reactors, Noda´s announcement of a “cold shutdown” at least signaled that the immediate threat of nuclear meltdown has receded,...

2011-08-19 14:35:34

In both an attempt to raise the spirits of Japanese residents still reeling from the March earthquake and tsunami disaster and to absorb radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that was damaged in the event, Buddhist monks have planted hundreds of thousands -- perhaps millions -- of sunflowers and other plants in the surrounding area of their temple and Fukushima prefecture.The Fukushima power plant, some 30 miles away from the Buddhist Joenji temple, suffered a series of...

2011-05-25 15:00:00

PITTSBURGH, May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Westinghouse Electric Company (www.westinghousenuclear.com) has developed an emergency fuel pool cooling system (EFPCS) to keep spent nuclear fuel cool in emergency situations, including the loss of all plant power. The system consists of a permanently installed "primary" cooling loop located inside the reactor building or spent fuel pool (SFP) building, and a mobile "secondary" cooling loop. The secondary cooling loop is stored off-site and then...

2011-03-12 06:55:00

The devastating earthquake that forced the closure of four nuclear power plants in Japan demonstrates the serious risk of inadequate back-up generators at U.S. facilities, said experts with the Union of Concerned Scientists on Friday. Although U.S. regulators insist the nation's nuclear fleet can withstand such a massive quake, the scientists said more work is needed to ensure that future quakes don't result in the reactor impact now being experienced in Japan. "We do not believe the safety...

2010-04-19 11:25:00

TAKOMA PARK, Md., April 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A new report released today by Beyond Nuclear - Leak First, Fix Later: Uncontrolled and Unmonitored Releases from Nuclear Power Plants - finds that the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is ignoring its oversight and enforcement responsibilities at the nation's increasingly leaky, uninspected and unmaintained nuclear power plants. The report shows that despite agency efforts initiated in 1979 to prevent uncontrolled...

2009-10-13 09:20:00

NEW YORK, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue. Reportlinker Adds Global Nuclear Reactor Coolant Pump Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015 http://www.reportlinker.com/p0154753/Reportlinker-Adds-Global-Nuclear-Reactor-Coolant-Pump-Market-Analysis-and-Forecasts-to-2015.html Global Nuclear Reactor Coolant Pump Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2015 Summary Nuclear industry plays a vital role in global...

2009-03-20 07:45:00

Suspenseful New Book Captures Seeming Possibility of Nuclear Facility Sabotage in Iran SAN DIEGO, March 20 /PRNewswire/ -- In the heart of Bushehr, Iran's nuclear reactor facility, a fire has broken out and a desperate CIA saboteur has barricaded the only alternative control room with access to the reactor's coolant system, threatening a political disaster for the West and nuclear Armageddon in Iran. In David Lucero's riveting new thriller, "The Sandman" (published by AuthorHouse), a deadly...

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