Latest Nuclear reactor technology Stories

2009-07-09 13:50:00

The withdrawal of Nevada's Yucca Mountain as a potential nuclear waste repository has reopened the debate over how and where to dispose of spent nuclear fuel and high-level nuclear waste.

2009-06-24 11:43:39

Composite materials such as fiberglass, which take on a mix of properties of their constituent compounds, have been around for decades.

2009-06-18 12:30:00

Combination of Efficiency and Renewables Much More Economical Than New Nuclear Reactors With Skyrocketing Construction Costs; 'Low Balling' of Cost Estimates Imperils 'Nuclear Renaissance,' Just as Runaway Costs Sank the 'Great Bandwagon Market' of 1970s WASHINGTON, June 18 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The likely cost of electricity for a new generation of nuclear reactors would be 12-20 cents per kilowatt hour (KWh), considerably more expensive than the average cost of increased use of energy...

2009-06-13 08:20:00

A scarcity of medical isotopes has forced physicians at scores of US and Canadian hospitals to begin curbing the number of a variety of standard diagnostic tests they prescribe.

2009-06-05 13:15:00

"Shot Heard Round the World" Echoes in Strong Local, State Opposition Across U.S.

2009-05-22 06:01:09

The shut down of a Canadian nuclear reactor has forced makers of medical isotopes, used for diagnostic imaging, to search for new suppliers.

2009-03-30 10:00:00

Research to Show That Modest Gains in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Power Would Cover Growth in Demand - and Allow Retirement of Existing Coal-Fired Units WASHINGTON, March 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- North Carolina consumers will see wallet-busting increases in their electric bills if Duke Energy and Progress Energy move ahead with plans for up to four nuclear reactors and a coal-fired power plant, according to a major new report prepared by the former chair of the Duke University...

2009-03-23 14:09:00

Nation's Nuclear Plants Stronger, Safer Than Ever Before. JACKSON, Miss., March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Thirty years ago, the United States experienced the worst nuclear plant accident in American history.

2009-03-09 08:51:29

Engineers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel say they have developed a way to declaw nuclear fuel, ensuring only peaceful plutonium use. The engineers said their technique denatures plutonium created in large nuclear reactors, making it unsuitable for use in nuclear arms.

2009-01-28 08:21:51

Physicists at The University of Texas at Austin have designed a new system that, when fully developed, would use fusion to eliminate most of the transuranic waste produced by nuclear power plants.

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