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Latest Numerical digit Stories

2012-06-02 11:24:29

Researchers in the computer science department have developed a new font for numbers that represent their relative value. Unlike the usual numeric typefaces, the amount of ink–or dark pixels–used for each digit in FatFonts is proportional to its quantitative value. Miguel Nacenta, formerly a post doc (now an assistant professor at University of St. Andrews in Scotland), came up with the idea and worked with Sheelagh Carpendale, a computer science professor and Uta Hinrichs,...

2011-09-05 11:21:00

Evolution adds and subtracts, and nowhere is this math more evident than in vertebrates, which are programmed to have five digits on each limb. But many species do not. Snakes, of course, have no digits, and birds have three. Yale scientists now have a good handle on how these developmental changes are orchestrated in the embryo, but there is still one outstanding debate on birds: Which digits are they: a thumb with index and middle fingers, or the index, middle and ring fingers? In...