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Heart Healthy Broccoli Developed In UK
2011-10-26 10:23:17

Shoppers looking for heart-healthy vegetables are now able to choose a new variety of broccoli with increased levels of a key phytonutrient. The new broccoli, which will be known as Beneforté, was developed from publicly-funded research at two of the UK´s world-leading biological research institutes, the Institute of Food Research (IFR) and the John Innes Centre. Scientists at the two institutes are working to develop our understanding of what it is about broccoli that...

Eat An Apple For Stroke Prevention
2011-09-16 11:05:28

  You may have heard the old saying that ℠an apple a day keeps the doctor away,´ but did you know that an apple a day, and perhaps a pear a day, may keep strokes away? According to a Dutch study, published in ℠Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association,´ researchers suggest that eating lots of fruits and vegetables with white flesh may protect against stroke. While studies in the past have linked high consumption of fruits and vegetables with lower...

2011-09-13 21:53:44

Phytoestrogens are plant compounds which, in the human body, can attach to the receptors for the female sexual hormone estrogen and which are taken in with our daily diet. A number of findings have attributed a cancer protective effect to these plant hormones. At DKFZ, a team headed by Prof. Dr. Jenny Chang-Claude summarized the results of several studies in a meta-analysis last year and showed that a diet rich in phytoestrogens lowers the risk of developing breast cancer after menopause. Now...

2011-09-02 07:00:00

Biotivia have launched a 99% pure pterostilbene supplement called PteroActiv which will be used in human clinical trials that are exploring ways to prevent the diseases associated with aging and obesity. New York City, N.Y (PRWEB) September 02, 2011 Biotivia scientists announced today that the firm is making available a highly purified form of a molecule found in blueberries to the medical research community. The compound, called Pterostilbene, has shown remarkable potential to prevent and...

2011-08-30 18:35:30

Discussion of a scientific review of soy protein, soy isoflavones and soy metabolites for peri- and postmenopausal women at North American Menopause Society (NAMS)/Wulf H. Utian Translational Science Symposium Soy has recently been reviewed and supported for introduction into general medical practice as a treatment for distressing vasomotor symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, but its use in other medical areas, such as heart health, requires further research, according to a new...

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