Latest Ny-Ålesund Stories

2009-09-01 12:30:00

UN chief Ban Ki-moon began a tour of Norway on Tuesday in order to gain increased international support for an ambitious climate agreement at Copenhagen in December. "I would like to draw the attention (of) the world, for urgent action to be taken at Copenhagen ... We do not have much time to lose," Ban said from a Norwegian coastguard vessel on Tuesday. The former South Korean foreign minister traveled to a research site at Ny-Aalesund in the Arctic's Svalbard archipelago before world...

2009-05-08 14:15:00

What was once a large source of coal in the Arctic mountains of Norway is now home to international climate scientists. Operated by Kings Bay, the Ny-Aalesund Arctic Research Infrastructure facility brings in scientists from around the globe to gauge the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. The facility was once a mining site for fossil fuels, but mining operations were ended after a firedamp explosion killed 21 men on the site in 1962. Now the settlement is inhabited by only a few dozen...

Word of the Day
  • Nautical, the visiting and carousing of sailors in the Greenland ships.
This word is apparently from a confusion of two similar Dutch words: 'mallemerok,' a foolish woman, and 'mallemok,' a name for some persons among the crew of a whaling vessel.