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2013-01-08 05:00:15

High Class K-9 is proud to announce their new services. The new service allows people to bring their dog to their special facility for protection and obedience training. Miramar, Florida, USA (PRWEB) January 07, 2013 High Class K-9 is proud to announce that they are now offering protection and obedience training to dogs. They have a special training facility that they use in order to train the dogs. Here, dogs of all ages can get the obedience they deserve and learn how to protect their...

2012-07-19 07:59:19

What makes soldiers abuse prisoners? How could Nazi officials condemn thousands of Jews to gas chamber deaths? What's going on when underlings help cover up a financial swindle? For years, researchers have tried to identify the factors that drive people to commit cruel and brutal acts and perhaps no one has contributed more to this knowledge than psychological scientist Stanley Milgram. Just over 50 years ago, Milgram embarked on what were to become some of the most famous studies in...

2012-01-11 11:26:06

2 studies by USC Marshall School of Business professor find aligned action does not always lead to the common good Moving in harmony can make people feel more connected to one another and, as a result, lead to positive collective action. Think of those feel-good vibes created in a yoga class as students move in unison through their downward-facing dogs. Yet given that synchronized physical activities are also a cornerstone of military training and are the highlights of military propaganda...

2009-03-23 15:25:00

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa., March 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "I was just following orders." From Abu Ghraib to Nazi Germany, this Nuremberg Defense has been heard throughout history. It also sparked the curiosity of psychologist Dr. Stanley Milgram, which led to his Obedience to Authority experiment. The test began in 1961 and the purpose was to examine if human beings would follow the instructions of an authority figure, even if the commands were morally questionable. When news about prisoner...

2008-12-25 16:26:25

Replicating a controversial experiment from some 50 years ago, a U.S. psychologist found people are just as willing to administer painful electric shocks. Jerry M. Burger of Santa Clara University replicated one of the famous obedience experiments of the late Stanley Milgram and found compliance rates in the replication only slightly lower than those found by Milgram. Like Milgram, Burger found no difference in the rates of obedience between men and women. People learning about Milgram's...

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