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2013-04-12 13:20:41

According to the World Health Organization, more than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. And it´s not just humans who are packing on the pounds. Our furry companions are plagued by an obesity epidemic of their own. More than 50 percent of the dogs and cats in the United States are overweight or obese. In a new paper on pet obesity in the Journal of Animal Science, University of Illinois professor of animal and nutritional sciences Kelly Swanson and his colleagues...

2011-03-02 12:43:57

A new study says that American adults have a significantly higher rate of obesity than their Canadian neighbors. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released Wednesday, about 24 percent of Canadians are obese compared to over 34 percent of Americans. Researchers looked at the height and weight data taken in surveys in both countries during 2007 through 2009. The countries have two different racial demographics.  The U.S. has more black and Hispanic...

2011-02-24 07:30:00

Pets are suffering from an increasing multitude of health issues including diabetes, kidney failure, and cancer, claims a recent study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) and reported by the Huffington Post. Twenty percent of dogs and cats weigh 30 percent over a healthy weight. Pet owners with one insurance company paid vets $25 million last year to treat obesity-related conditions in their pets. Continuing to expand in both pets and people, obesity is becoming more...

2011-02-24 00:00:43

Over Half the Nation's Dogs and Cats Now Overweight Costing Pet's Years and Owners Millions Warn Vets Calabash, NC (PRWEB) February 23, 2011 Obesity continues to expand in both pets and people according to the latest pet obesity study. The fourth annual Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Study found approximately 53% of cats and 55% of dogs were overweight or obese. Preliminary data released from a nationwide collaboration with Banfield, the...

2009-05-07 14:30:00

A researcher at an international conference on obesity in Amsterdam said men who were grossly overweight at the age of 18 had a nearly 50 percent less chance of being married by their 30s and 40s, the AFP reported. The European Association for the Study of Obesity hosted the four-day gathering on Thursday. The results could suggest that women rank a man's appearance higher than other traits when choosing a partner, as the data held true regardless of the men's intellectual performance or...

2008-07-11 15:00:13

If current trends hold, more than half the world's population will be overweight or obese by 2030, U.S. researchers say. Their study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, found one-third of the world's population is already considered overweight or obese. The researchers at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine said the findings are based on peer-reviewed data from 1990 to 2007 from more than 100 countries. Overall, the researchers used 72...

2006-01-06 09:40:00

LONDON -- Just like their owners, a growing number of British pets are becoming obese and face chronic illnesses such as heart complaint, diabetes and arthritis, according to research Friday. A survey of British vets and owners showed that one in three pets, or 33 percent, were considered overweight and 38 percent of pet owners said their animals put on weight over Christmas. Despite this, few owners plan to put their pets on a diet. "Pets, like their owners, tend to expand a little over the...

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