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2011-04-28 09:00:00

When a 34-year-old bicyclist was found collapsed on a roadside and rushed to the University of Rochester Medical Center emergency room on the verge of kidney failure and muscle breakdown, doctors were surprised to discover that a trendy tea derived from the kava plant was the cause of his ills. The URMC team reported the case study, believed to be the first of its kind in the scientific literature, in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.   They described it as a cautionary...

2011-02-28 14:28:20

Medical and scientific experts propose a global framework for the safe production and use of the medicinal plant Kava, including further clinical testing in Australia. The South-Pacific plant has been traditionally used to reduce stress and anxiety but is restricted in some countries. Leading world Kava experts Dr Jerome Sarris from the University of Melbourne, Australia; Professor Rolf Teschke from Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany; and Dr Vincent Lebot from CIRAD, Port-Vila,...

2010-04-06 08:06:00

RIVERSIDE, Calif., April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The Relaxing Company, Inc., creators of Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda, announce the national launch of its newest euphoric product, boldly dubbed - THE RELAXING TEA. THE RELAXING TEA is the world's first bottled tea to enter the relaxation beverage market. With its natural blend of decaffeinated green tea and black tea, Kava Root extract and agave it is designed for functional enjoyment during life's stressful moments. "We are particularly proud to...

2009-08-18 07:00:00

DENVER, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Mary Jane's Soda Inc. has launched a beverage that delivers a euphoric experience only possible from the use of Kava Root. This unique soda stimulates a positive mood, increases mental clarity and reduces stress without causing inebriation or any negative side effects. "In today's environment, stress is a constant," said Creator/CEO Matt Moody. "We created Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda as an alternative to alcohol, for people who want a healthy, natural and...

2009-05-11 13:55:00

Extract of Kava useful in treating anxiety and improving mood Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have found a traditional extract of Kava, a medicinal plant from the South Pacific, to be safe and effective in reducing anxiety. To be published online this week in the Springer journal Psychopharmacology, the results of a world-first clinical trial which found that a water-soluble extract of Kava was effective in treating anxiety and improving mood. The Kava was prescribed...

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This word ultimately comes from the Medieval Latin 'cappa,' cloak.