Latest Off-label use Stories

2008-10-28 06:00:28

By Rita Rubin Baylor College of Medicine neurologist Joseph Jankovic is a patient man. With the Food and Drug Administration's OK, Jankovic has studied the drug tetrabenazine since 1979.

2008-09-29 14:40:56

WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The government's investigation into Cephalon Inc.'s illegal marketing practices that culminated in today's $425,000,000 settlement and guilty plea by the pharmaceutical company began in January 2003 with a Cephalon sales representative in Ohio.

2008-09-29 14:40:56

To: NATIONAL EDITORS Contact: U.S. Department of Justice, +1-202-514-2007, TDD +1-202- 514-1888 WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Cephalon Inc.

2008-09-23 06:00:11

In a new paper published in the online open-access journal PLoS ONE, http://dx.plos.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0003150, David Pickar and colleagues of Gabriel Sciences report that 74.5% of 200 community-based schizophrenic patients, who were individually interviewed and evaluated (including a review of clinical records), were treated with off-label medication treatments.

2008-09-17 12:00:11

To: NATIONAL EDITORS Contact: Michael Levin-Epstein, Editor-in-Chief of FDLI, +1-202- 222-0897, mdl@fdli.org WASHINGTON, Sept.

2008-09-02 00:00:02

By The Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) - Cody Miller was a high school football player who was allergic to ragweed.

2008-08-28 09:05:00

What does a company do when there's anecdotal evidence that two of its drugs are equally effective in treating a leading cause of blindness in the elderly, one costing patients $60 per treatment and the other $2,000?

2008-08-17 21:00:13

By BARRY MEIER By Barry Meier The New York Times Should doctors be required to undergo special education in order to prescribe powerful narcotics? The Food and Drug Administration might soon recommend that they do so, though such a move would most likely prove controversial.

2008-07-31 06:00:23

A report from the Government Accountability Office has blamed the FDA for the increase in 'off-label' prescribing, according to the Associated Press. According to the report, there is an inordinate delay in taking action on companies which practice off-label prescribing.

2008-07-28 11:05:00

A report recently issued by the Government Accountability Office is shedding light onto a gray area of medical practice and federal oversight: the use of medications to treat conditions other than the ones the drugs were approved for, a practice known as "off-label" prescribing.

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