Latest OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Stories

2012-01-14 01:58:13

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute study results suggest that more patients than initially thought could potentially be treated with a new class of drugs, PARP inhibitors A constellation of defective proteins suspected in causing a malfunction in the body´s ability to repair its own DNA could be the link scientists need to prove a new class of drugs will be effective in treating a broad range of ovarian cancer patients, an Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute study...

2011-08-16 23:17:35

Abnormalities in these cells may indicate the earliest mutations in breast cancers, an OHSU Knight Cancer Institute study found Mutations that are found in stem cells could be causing some breast cancers to develop and may be the reason the disease recurs. These abnormal cells are likely controlling cell functions in the tumor and, given they are not targeted by chemotherapy and radiation, they enable the disease to recur. The mutations were discovered in a study conducted by scientists and...

2010-07-23 13:15:30

Study finds that the GRB7 gene drives an aggressive form of the disease Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute researchers found that the GRB7 gene drives an aggressive form of breast cancer and acts independently of the HER-2 gene, known to be a stimulator of breast cancer growth. Isolating the role of this gene could ultimately help fine-tune a patient's treatment and enable physicians to provide a more accurate prognosis. The study, published online this month by...

2009-11-04 14:53:05

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute findings prompt Phase II clinical trial for high-risk prostate cancer patients Researchers in the Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute and the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center have found a combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy given before prostate removal is safe and may have the potential to reduce cancer recurrence and improve patient survival. Their findings were presented this week at the 51st annual meeting of...

2008-10-29 15:00:27

Oregon Health & Science University today announced that Philip H. and Penny Knight have pledged to give $100 million to the OHSU Cancer Institute. The Nike founder's gift - the largest in the history of OHSU - represents a critical step toward achieving the cancer institute's ambitious goal to make Oregon's cancer death rate the lowest in the nation. In recognition of the transformational impact the donors' generosity will have on the treatment of cancer, OHSU will rename its cancer...

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