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2014-04-10 08:30:39

OSSINING, N.Y., April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 1, primate researchers from the University of Wisconsin published a paper(1), affirming that caloric restriction (CR) without malnutrition significantly improves age-related and all-cause survival in rhesus monkeys. The researchers point out that their data contrasts with findings in the widely reported 2012 National Institutes of Aging study, where CR was not seen to show a significant survival benefit. However, they emphasize an...

2013-07-30 23:22:56

Diet Doc’s fast weight loss approach is based on the same principles of the Okinawa Diet, combining healthy food choices with the most potent form of nutrients, allowing Americans to live as the Islanders by enjoying a healthy and more rewarding life. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 30, 2013 Those from the Ryuku Islands, of which Okinawa is the largest, have a life expectancy among the highest in the world. In addition to their high life expectancy, Okinawa inhabitants are noted for their...

2012-05-21 23:00:18

The 800 calorie diet is a recently developed option for HCG dieters. With the 800 calorie diet, dieters experience less side effects, hunger pains, and are allowed more daily exercise. Orem, UT (PRWEB) May 21, 2012 EZ Wellness LLC has recently revealed why dieters would choose the 800 calorie HCG plan over 500 calorie plan.The HCG diet often contains recommendations for individuals to eat 500 calories each day. HCG diet experts have started to suggest individuals eat 800 calories per day...

2010-12-11 00:01:04

New Dietary Guidelines Alliance Research Provides a Jump-Start on Incorporating New Dietary Guidance Washington, DC (Vocus) December 9, 2010 When it comes to calories, parents lack a basic understanding of their impact on weight and may even be skeptical that calories are just the latest food and nutrition fad. New research shows that only 14% of parents say they are consistently paying attention to the calories their families consume; even fewer (9%) say it would be the easiest thing for...

2006-08-01 10:40:00

NEW YORK -- People who favor lower-calorie foods may eat a lot over the course of a day, but they end up consuming relatively few calories and a healthy dose of nutrients, according to a study published Tuesday. Using dietary information from 7,500 U.S. adults, researchers found that those who reported eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich grains and other lower-calorie foods typically ate a larger amount of food than their peers who favored richer fare. Yet they ate several hundred...

2006-01-13 11:32:44

By Amy Norton NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Though countless fad diets promise a trimmer physique, the old-fashioned route of portion control and calorie consciousness may be the way to go after all, a new study suggests. In an experiment with 24 young women, researchers found that the study participants ate far fewer daily calories when their meal portions were trimmed down or when they traded in some calorie-dense dishes for less rich substitutes -- all without their feeling...

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