Latest Old Testament Stories

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Solomon Corporation has announced the purchase of Electrical Apparatus Service Company (EASCO) from Founder Mike Dean.

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Fatty Liver Bible & Ezra Protocol, created by Debra, promises to guide people on how to treat fatty liver.

2014-02-21 23:00:27

A clay jug containing silver earrings and ingots, dating back approximately 3,200 years, was discovered by archaeologist Robert Mullins, Ph.D., associate professor of biblical studies at Azusa

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Perez-Peña conveys a clear connection between the Old and New Testaments MAITLAND, Fla., Feb.

Israeli Researchers Unearth Palace That May Have Been Home To King David
2013-07-19 11:40:28

The southernmost ruins of a large palace extending across an area of 3,200 square feet have been uncovered by researchers from Hebrew University (HUJI) and the Israel Antiquities Authorit (IAA).