Latest Oligodendroglioma Stories

2008-06-02 16:45:00

U.S. researchers have developed a new cancer vaccine that more than doubled the survival time of people with the most common and deadly type of brain tumor.The vaccine helps the immune system to attack the tumor and prevents the re-growth of brain tumors in patients who have already been diagnosed and treated with standard regimens including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.The vaccine is made by Avant Immunotherapeutics Inc and is licensed by drug giant Pfizer Inc. Doctors hope it will...

2008-05-20 16:22:23

Senator Edward M. Kennedy was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor after he experienced a seizure Saturday morning and was brought to Massachusetts General Hospital. Doctors diagnosed Sen. Kennedy, 76, with a malignant glioma in the left parietal lobe, a region of the brain involved in sensation (such as pain and touch), hearing, reasoning and memory. Gliomas are abnormal cell masses (tumors) that start in the brain or spinal cord tissue and can spread only within the nervous...

2008-01-16 03:00:13

By Yip, Stephen Iafrate, A John; Louis, David N Abstract Advances in understanding the molecular underpinnings of cancer and in molecular diagnostic technologies have changed the clinical practice of oncologic pathology. The development of targeted therapies against specific molecular alterations in cancer further portends changes in the role of the pathology laboratory to guide such custom therapies. To reconcile the flood of scientific discoveries in this area, the promises of highly...

2006-11-30 12:01:43

New research by the University of Rochester Medical Center has found that chemotherapy drugs may be harmful to healthy brain cells. The results, which also indicate that chemotherapy may cause long-term brain damage, represent the closest that scientists have come to pinpointing the underlying cause of "chemo brain," a common side effect of cancer treatment. Cancer patients who receive chemotherapy have long complained of adverse neurological side effects ranging from memory loss,...

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