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2011-03-09 06:20:00

Food production in many of the world's poorest regions could as much as double with small-scale "eco-farming," a system that could also help fight climate change, the United Nations reported Tuesday. As the worldwide population continues to expand, world hunger is a growing fear, especially in underdeveloped countries. Currently, more than a billion people -- roughly 14 percent of the world's population -- live on less than a dollar per day. Food prices have surged in recent years due to...

2010-10-17 08:40:00

The United Nations top official on the right to food has called for extensive changes in farming methods to protect the environment and ensure everyone has plenty to eat. To mark World Food Day, Olivier De Schutter said in a statement that there is currently "little to rejoice about" and the worst could still be ahead. "As a result of climate change, the yields in certain regions of sub-Saharan Africa are expected to fall by 50 percent by 2020 in comparison to 2000 levels. And growing...