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2006-05-22 10:49:20

LIMA, Peru (Reuters) - Retired army commander Ollanta Humala, who is trailing ex-President Alan Garcia in voter opinion polls, won a weekend presidential debate for which he was late and delayed its start, polls said on Monday. Fifty-three percent of Peruvians who watched the debate said Humala won and 47 percent said Garcia was the victor, according to an Internet survey by Peru's leading newspaper El Comercio that polled 4,400 people. Polls by nationwide radio stations RPP and CPN...

2006-05-21 23:45:27

LIMA, Peru (Reuters) - Ex-President Alan Garcia maintained his lead over retired army commander Ollanta Humala in the race for Peru's presidency, a poll showed on Sunday. Garcia, who is seen as the more business-friendly candidate despite his 1985-1990 government that left Peru in economic ruin, has 56 percent of voter support in the June 4 run-off, versus 44 percent for Humala, the Apoyo poll said. The poll, which was commissioned by one of Peru's most-watched TV stations, America,...

2006-05-14 13:27:13

LIMA, Peru (Reuters) - Nationalist Ollanta Humala has narrowed the gap on ex-President Alan Garcia's lead in the runoff for Peru's presidency but the number of undecided voters who could determine the election has risen, a poll showed on Sunday. Garcia, who is seen as the more business-friendly candidate despite his 1985-1990 government that left Peru in economic ruin, has 56 percent of voter support in the June 4 runoff, versus 44 percent for Humala, the Apoyo poll said. That...

2006-05-04 16:12:05

By Patrick Markey CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez withdrew his country's ambassador to Peru after Lima recalled its envoy as a fierce dispute over U.S. free trade agreements rattled the Andean region. Chavez, a left-winger locked in a stand-off with Washington, made his announcement after Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo appealed to the Organization of American States to prevent Chavez interfering in Peru's election. The spat between Caracas and...

2006-05-03 17:31:19

By Robin Emmott LIMA, Peru (Reuters) - Two leftist candidates will face off in Peru's run-off presidential election on June 4, highlighting the backlash against free market policies and foreign investors in an unstable Andean region. Center-left former President Alan Garcia will face nationalist Ollanta Humala, a former army lieutenant colonel, Peru's National Election Board announced on Wednesday. Conservative lawmaker Lourdes Flores, who was in a tight race with Garcia for a...

2006-05-03 17:41:24

By Helen Popper LA PAZ, Bolivia (Reuters) - Evo Morales' sudden energy nationalization in Bolivia could fuel growing demands for an end to the free-market economic policies that have done little to ease grinding poverty across the Andean region. For Bolivia's indigenous majority, this week's nationalization decree and troop deployment at gas fields is the culmination of a struggle for the control of natural resources that is being played out in Ecuador and Peru too. It also comes...

2006-05-03 16:24:58

LIMA, Peru (Reuters) - Conservative lawmaker Lourdes Flores, whom investors saw as the best candidate for Peru's $75 billion economy, admitted defeat on Wednesday in the first round of the country's April 9 election after a fight for a runoff place. Almost all the ballots have been tallied from the April 9 vote and there are too few left to give Flores an advantage over former President Alan Garcia, officials said. Humala won the first round with 30.62 percent, or 3.75 million...

2006-04-30 12:50:41

LA PAZ, Bolivia (Reuters) - Bolivian President Evo Morales invited nationalist Peruvian candidate Ollanta Humala on Sunday to visit Bolivia, after Peru withdrew its ambassador to Caracas over Venezuela's comments backing Humala in its presidential election. Peru will hold a runoff vote in late May or early June, almost certainly between Humala, a former army commander who has pledged to redistribute Peru's wealth, and former President Alan Garcia. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a...

2006-04-29 20:47:31

LIMA, Peru (Reuters) - Peru said on Saturday it withdrew its ambassador to Venezuela over "persistent and flagrant interference" in the country's domestic affairs by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. In a statement, the Peruvian government cited comments on Friday by Chavez that he favored the election of populist Ollanta Humala as Peru's next president. Chavez also threatened to cut relations with Peru if former President Alan Garcia won the upcoming runoff.

2006-04-16 14:16:03

By Marco Aquino LIMA (Reuters) - The gap between two candidates battling for a runoff spot in Peru's presidential race narrowed on Sunday as votes cast abroad moved conservative Lourdes Flores closer behind left-leaning former president Alan Garcia. With 89.5 percent of votes counted from the April 9 election, nationalist former army commander Ollanta Humala, who has said he will give the state more control over the economy, was in first place with 30.9 percent of the vote and...

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