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2009-11-09 06:35:00

LACEY, Wash., Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The evolution controversy rages hot as ever, with aggressive initiatives from popular secular scientists and best-selling authors like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins in fighting deep-seated religious beliefs of Creationism and Intelligent Design.

2009-10-27 10:22:24

When Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species 150 years ago, he deliberately avoided the subject of the origin of life.

2009-10-07 07:50:00


2009-09-23 10:59:08


2009-09-12 14:37:30

British producer Jeremy Thomas claims his new movie Creation has not found a U.S.

2009-03-23 13:28:15

Unlike most penniless college students surviving on ramen noodles and crackers, Charles Darwin enjoyed a pampered existence with someone to polish his shoes, make his bed and stoke his fire in his lavish room at the University of Cambridge where he attended almost two hundred years ago.

2009-03-01 09:25:00

Mendel solved the logic of inheritance in his monastery garden with no more technology than Darwin had in his garden at Down House. So why couldn't Darwin have done it too?

2009-02-12 13:05:00

Fans everywhere are celebrating the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, the man whose controversial book "On The Origin of Species" captured the mind of some of the world’s most important thinkers.

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