Latest Oncolytic virus Stories

2011-12-16 14:09:49

Adenoviruses can cause respiratory, eye, and intestinal tract infections, and, like other viruses, must hijack the cellular machinery of infected organisms in order to produce proteins and their own viral spawn. Now an international research team made up of scientists from Chinese and Australian universities has found a way to disrupt the hijacking process by using plasma to damage the viruses in the laboratory environment, before they come into contact with host cells. The researchers...

2011-12-12 16:08:46

Recruitment is ongoing at Texas Children's Cancer Center for a Phase 1 clinical trial in children with cancer using a novel immunotherapy approach called oncolytic virus therapy. The trial, launched last spring and led by Dr. Chrystal Louis, assistant professor of pediatric hematology/oncology at Baylor College of Medicine, is also being conducted at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Immune cells destroy cancer cells “This approach uses a modified smallpox virus that kills tumor...

2011-10-18 09:49:54

First to discover probe human genome to augment oncolytic therapy Oncolytic virology uses live viruses to sense the genetic difference between a tumor and normal cell. Once the virus finds a tumor cell, it replicates inside that cell, kills it and then spreads to adjacent tumor cells to seed a therapeutic "chain reaction". As reported in today's issue of Cancer Cell, Dr. David Stojdl, a scientist from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute at the University of Ottawa...

2011-10-03 21:50:45

They have been around since the dawn of time and are a model of evolutionary success: viruses. Viruses are extremely adaptable but they have a problem: They cannot reproduce, so they smuggle their genes into suitable host cells. In the case of some viruses, the viral DNA has to enter the cell nucleus to reproduce. This has been known for almost 50 years. We know, for instance, that the adenovirus disassembles its protein shell in the first step. Just how the DNA is exposed and infiltrates the...

New Virus Shows Promise In Fighting Cancer
2011-08-31 13:07:25

  Researchers have engineered a virus that can selectively target cancer cells throughout the body. According to the team, the virus attacked only tumors during a small trial on 23 patients, leaving the healthy tissue alone. Researchers said the findings could one day "truly transform" therapies. Scientists modified the vaccinia virus, which is famous for being used to develop a smallpox vaccine. The virus is dependent on a chemical pathway in order to replicate. It was...

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