Latest Oncolytic virus Stories

2011-12-12 16:08:46

Recruitment is ongoing at Texas Children's Cancer Center for a Phase 1 clinical trial in children with cancer using a novel immunotherapy approach called oncolytic virus therapy.

2011-10-18 09:49:54

Oncolytic virology uses live viruses to sense the genetic difference between a tumor and normal cell.

2011-10-03 21:50:45

They have been around since the dawn of time and are a model of evolutionary success: viruses.

New Virus Shows Promise In Fighting Cancer
2011-08-31 13:07:25

Researchers have engineered a virus that can selectively target cancer cells throughout the body.

2011-08-26 11:02:28

Canadian researchers have discovered that a tumor cell marker is a receptor for measles virus, suggesting the possible use of measles virus to help fight cancer.

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