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2014-12-04 23:04:05

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2012-10-24 04:03:09

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2011-05-09 20:48:44

Digital imagery, Facebook updates, online music collections, email threads and other immaterial artifacts of today's online world may be as precious to teenagers as a favorite book that a parent once read to them or a t-shirt worn at a music festival.

2010-10-06 09:03:00

WASHINGTON, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Washington, D.C. office of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Ogilvy Washington), an integrated global communications firm, announced today that it has been awarded a contract from the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI).

2008-11-01 10:30:00

Diplomats or military envoys making their first trip to China may soon have a chance to visit a Chinese office building, stop in at a traditional teahouse or hop a cab — all before they board a plane.

2008-10-02 03:00:22

By Turow, Joseph Hennessy, Michael; Bleakley, Amy Studies suggest the general structure of Web sites leads consumers away from demanding that online merchants take certain approaches to privacy as a condition for dealing with them.

2008-07-25 00:00:25

By ANDY BURNHAM YOUNG PEOPLE - and today I am addressing 300 of them at the European Youth Parliament in Liverpool - might think this a contentious statement: I believe we should pay for music.