Latest Operation Red Dawn Stories

2005-12-22 12:34:36

By Deepa Babington BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A defiant Saddam Hussein branded American leaders liars at his trial on Thursday as one of the architects of his downfall, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, flew in to Baghdad for a surprise pre-Christmas visit. Rumsfeld's visit to meet U.S.

2005-12-14 11:51:06

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As Iraq prepared for its election, President George W. Bush on Wednesday vowed the United States will stay in Iraq "until victory is achieved" and he defended his decision to go to war.

2005-12-07 05:51:03

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The trial of Saddam Hussein, held up on Wednesday when the ousted Iraqi president refused to appear, was about to resume around 1:45 p.m. (1045 GMT), court officials indicated.

2005-11-18 09:14:44

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Sweden is investigating an Iraqi man for crimes committed before U.S.-led forces overthrew Saddam Hussein, a state prosecutor said on Friday.

2005-10-20 05:53:05

By Michael Georgy BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Arab League chief Amr Moussa, who has said Iraq is on the verge of civil war, began his first postwar visit to Baghdad on Thursday on what officials say is a mission to promote national reconciliation.

2005-10-19 17:26:43

By Alastair Macdonald BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein won a 40-day reprieve to hone his defense after pleading not guilty to crimes against humanity on the first day of a televised trial that gripped the nation.

2005-10-19 12:58:08

By Jafer Majid Hatem DUJAIL, Iraq (Reuters) - Some Iraqis watched with relief as Saddam Hussein's trial began on Wednesday, bringing to account the man who brutalized them for three decades.

2005-10-19 07:25:21

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The trial of Saddam Hussein on war crimes charges was adjourned for more than a month shortly after it began on Wednesday, prosecutors told reporters.

2005-10-18 14:15:11

By Luke Baker and Mariam Karouny BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Two years after he was captured Saddam Hussein will go on trial on Wednesday but his lawyers will challenge the legitimacy of the U.S.-backed court trying him.

2005-10-18 09:13:17

By Michael Georgy BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Mehdi Moussawi disappeared into Saddam Hussein's prisons in 1984, but his family only learned of his fate after the former president was toppled nearly 20 years later.

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