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2006-07-29 11:16:37

By Jeremy Laurence KABUL (Reuters) - NATO's expansion into southern Afghanistan will target drug warlords who are the root cause of growing violence, the force's commander said on Saturday.

2006-07-26 16:05:47

By Gene Emery BOSTON (Reuters) - The drug Suboxone may help opium addicts kick their habit, but it makes little difference whether taken once or three times a week or whether patients also receive intensive counseling, a new study shows.

2006-07-11 19:21:09

By Christine Kearney NEW YORK (Reuters) - An Afghan drug lord accused of conspiring to ship $25 million worth of heroin into the United States pleaded guilty to a federal drug charge on Tuesday. "Yes, I'm guilty," Baz Mohammad, 48, told judge Denny Chin in Manhattan federal court.

2006-06-27 08:20:00

Peace on the India-Pakistan border has kept the guns silent for years now, but it has also led to a surge in the illegal drugs trade in a region called the "golden crescent," the United Nations said on Tuesday.

2006-06-27 00:55:38

BEIJING (Reuters) - China police are teaching Myanmar officials kung fu and Mandarin as part of training in how to crack down on drug trafficking, state media said on Tuesday.

2006-05-13 20:11:17

By Chawadee Nualkhair VIENTIANE (Reuters) - Poverty-stricken Laos has some way to go to catch up with its more developed neighbors, but it has still managed to import the same problems facing far richer countries.

2006-05-03 21:54:59

By Frank Jack Daniel MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - In a surprise reversal, Mexican President Vicente Fox will not sign a widely criticized reform to decriminalize the possession of small quantities of marijuana, cocaine and heroin, his office said on Wednesday.

2006-04-28 17:51:45

By Noel Randewich MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Possessing marijuana, cocaine and even heroin will no longer be a crime in Mexico if the drugs are carried in small amounts for personal use, under legislation passed by Congress.

2006-03-20 08:15:00

Afghan farmer Abdul Ghani looks over his field carpeted in small, green plants and knows this crop will feed his family.

2006-03-09 08:24:47

By Ed Cropley PHONGSALI, Laos (Reuters) - The mountains of northern Laos have changed color. In the past five years, the opium poppy fields that for the last two centuries lent splashes of color to the pervading green of the jungle have become a thing of the past.

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Papaver somniferum
2014-10-29 10:49:39

Papaver somniferum is commonly known as the Opium poppy. This is the species of plant from which opium and poppy seeds are derived. It is the only species of Papaveraceae that is grown on a large scale as an agricultural crop. P. somniferum has many subspecies and varieties. The colors of their flowers are widely varied. Other physical characteristics vary as well, such as the number and shape of petals, number of seeds, flowers and fruits, the color of the seeds, and the amount of opium...

Papaver setigerum
2014-10-29 10:47:04

Papaver setigerum is commonly known as the Poppy of Troy or Dwarf Breadseed Poppy. It is an herbaceous annual plant from the Papaveraceae family. Annual plants survive for just one growing season. P. Setigerum reaches an average of 8 to 31 inches in height. The stem is erect and the upper leaves are simple and oblong. The lower leaves are deeply lobed and toothed. The flowers at the apex of the stem are star shaped and radial. They are about 4 to 10 centimeters in diameter. The center of...

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