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2012-08-05 23:01:11

In a cloture vote on Thursday, the latest legislative attempt at cybersecurity was shot down in a 52-46 vote. Many are touting this as a victory for internet denizens, but VPNRerviewz CEO, Michael Maxstead, is saying that this is just the “calm before the storm.” Undisclosed Location, South America (PRWEB) August 05, 2012 Killed by a cloture vote of 52-46, the cybersecurity bill CISPA has been both, heralded and hated, by many. Pushed as a Homeland Security issue, it was...

2012-06-27 02:00:09

To avoid backlash, political candidates rely on independent groups to attack their opponents As the election season ramps up, many voters are already experiencing attack ad fatigue. With the rise of the so-called Super PACs and greatly increased spending by independent groups more generally, many election watchers are anticipating that there will be far more ads — and far more attack ads — on the airwaves in this election than ever before. According to a recent article in...

2012-04-24 13:01:08

The US presidential election dominates the global media every four years, with news articles, which are carefully analyzed by commentators and campaign strategists, playing a major role in shaping voter opinion. Academics have developed an online tool, Election Watch, which analyses the content of news about the US election by the international media. A paper about the project by academics at the University of Bristol's Intelligent Systems Laboratory will be presented at 13th conference of...

2012-02-01 01:13:14

Despite the fears of some scholars and pundits, most political partisans don´t avoid news and opinion sources that contradict their own beliefs, according to a new study. In fact, the more that self-described liberals and conservatives visited online sources supportive of their beliefs, the more likely they were to also view opposition websites, as well as general news sites. “People aren´t systematically avoiding websites that challenge their political views,”...

Anonymous To Attempt Facebook Shutdown On Saturday
2012-01-24 05:22:51

A video posted to YouTube on Monday suggests that the hacking collective known as Anonymous is recruiting computer users to assist with an attempt to shut down Facebook on Saturday, January 28. "While it is true that Facebook has at least 60,000 servers, it is still possible to bring it down," an unidentified voice says in the video, according to CNET's Chris Matyszczyk. "An online war has begun between Anonymous, the people, and the government of the United States," the narrator said...

2011-12-14 10:35:00

Two young social entrepreneurs, Mike Spencer and Josh Delaney introduce the online giving community, doingmypart.com, to broaden the charitable funding landscape and give everyone the easy opportunity 'do their part' by giving just $3/month (auto-donate) to help complete various and urgent charitable projects, on a consistent basis from now on. Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) December 14, 2011 Mike Spencer of Charlotte, NC and Josh Delaney of Los Angeles, California have launched the new and unique...

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