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2012-07-13 23:03:08

The Propecia® lawyers of OnlineLawyerSource.com are announcing that they are now offering free case reviews for men who have suffered sexual side effects after using the hair loss treatment finasteride. (PRWEB) July 13, 2012 The Propecia® lawyers of OnlineLawyerSource.com are announcing that they are now offering free case reviews for men who have persistent sexual side effects after using the male pattern hair loss treatment Propecia® (finasteride). According to the lawyers,...

2012-07-02 23:00:14

After the new premature ejaculation drug, Zertane, had a successful meeting with the FDA earlier in the week, an internet authority on treating PE without the use of drugs is announcing a new resource for men. Houston, TX. (PRWEB) July 01, 2012 MarketWatch.com has reported that a pharma company named Ampio, specializing in clinical stage biopharmaceuticals, has announced this week that its newest drug, Zertane, which treats premature ejaculation, has had a successful pre-IND meeting with...

Doctor Claims He Has Discovered The G-Spot
2012-04-25 09:36:03

John Neumann for Redorbit.com Like the search for the Loch Ness Monster or sightings of UFOs, the search for the elusive G-Spot has eluded researchers ever since it was first described and named in 1950 by Ernst Grafenberg, a German gynecologist. Now, however, the mysterious spot has been identified and confirmed to be real, at least for one doctor. Writing in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Dr. Ostrzenski of the Institute of Gynecology in St. Petersburg, Florida, said it was a...

2012-04-18 09:18:24

What makes some people give blood and bake casseroles for their neighbors, while others mutter about taxes from behind closed blinds? A new paper published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science finds that part of the answer–but not all–may be in their genes. The hormones oxytocin and vasopressin are thought to affect how people behave toward each other. For example, lab tests have found that people play nicer in economic games after...

2012-04-11 05:44:00

(Ivanhoe Newswire)-- Dialysis is a common treatment used by more then 350,000 individuals in the United States alone. Patients on dialysis commonly experience symptoms such as pain, depression, impaired sleep, and fatigue; overall impacting their quality of life. A study recently uncovered that the majority of female kidney failure patients on dialysis may also experience sexual problems. Although there is increasing awareness of erectile dysfunction in men on hemodialysis, the...

2012-04-06 11:01:22

4 out of 5 female dialysis patients reported sexual dysfunction Highlights:     In the largest observational study of its kind, 84% of all women and 55% of sexually active women on hemodialysis experienced sexual problems.     Sexual dysfunction was reported more often by women who were older, were less educated, had signs of depression, had reached menopause, had diabetes, and took diuretic therapy, or 'water pills.' Other studies indicate that sexual...

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