Latest Orthography Stories

2013-11-17 23:01:12

Abby Marks Beale of RevitItUpReading.com recently shared the techniques she has used to help people with reading faster for the past 25 years during an interview with the 7 Speed Reading editor.

2013-11-07 23:21:17

eReflect, developer of Ultimate Spelling™ software, revealed today that the games featured in the software not only improve spelling performance but also enrich the user’s vocabulary.

2013-10-30 23:03:24

Spelling can be a rewarding and fun experience for young learners.

2013-10-25 23:01:53

eReflect pointed out today that official spelling correction announcements are still practiced by widely-read online and print media outlets.

2013-10-23 23:02:11

eReflect emphasizes the importance of consistent spelling practice and encouraging learners to diligently practice in order to improve their spelling performance. New

2013-10-22 23:02:49

Ultimate Spelling™ developer eReflect, with the help of Dave Regan, demonstrates how spelling improvement can be achieved through quality spelling games. New

2013-09-29 23:01:12

eReflect encourages its users to look for a variety of speed reading techniques put forward by experts.

2013-09-27 23:27:12

Too many children have vision problems, as many as thirty percent in the primary grades, which will interfere with their success in reading, and we can fix this problem! Teachers, computer scientists,

2013-09-24 23:19:03

Recent changes within the world of digital media means a possible declining popularity of print media, according to the eReflect team.

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