Latest Orthomolecular medicine Stories

2010-07-06 12:13:42

Long-term supplementation with dietary antioxidants has beneficial effects on sugar and fat metabolism, blood pressure and arterial flexibility in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk factors.

2010-06-10 15:46:43

Common gene variants appear to increase risk of vitamin D deficiency.

2010-05-12 07:52:35

Women age 70 years or older who received a single annual high dose of vitamin D had a higher rate of falls and fractures compared to women who received placebo.

2010-03-24 15:54:23

The popular dietary supplement vitamin E, loaded into special medicated contact lenses, can keep glaucoma medicine near the eye — where it can treat that common disease— almost 100 times longer than possible with current commercial lenses, scientists reported today.

2010-03-17 06:45:00

SAN DIEGO, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- In his newest book, "Overlooked Causes and the Prevention: Cancer, Cardiovascular Heart Disease, Multiple Sclerosis" (published by AuthorHouse), author Arthur Douglass Alexander III exposes, delineates and documents the sometimes overlooked and often ignored causes of three major life-threatening and chronic diseases: cancer, cardiovascular disease and multiple sclerosis.

2010-03-04 07:57:02

A daily dose of vitamin D may just be what Chicagoans need to get through the long winter.

2010-03-03 08:10:00

High humidity present in bathrooms and kitchens could be degrading the vitamins and health supplements stored in those rooms, even if the lids are on tight.

2010-02-26 15:19:00

WICHITA, Kan., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Bio-Communications Research Institute's (BCRI's) recent research study has found that high levels of vitamin C (ascorbate) inhibit the formation of new blood vessel growth to tumors. To grow, tumors rely on a high level of nutrients to flow to the tumor site.

2009-12-31 08:43:53

The potent antioxidant may do more harm than good, TAU research suggests.

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