Latest Osteology Stories

2012-02-06 13:22:08

A research team led by UC Davis Health System scientists has developed a novel technique to enhance bone growth by using a molecule which, when injected into the bloodstream, directs the body's stem cells to travel to the surface of bones.

2012-02-03 11:47:25

Heart failure is associated with a 30 percent increase in major fractures and also identifies a high-risk population that may benefit from increased screening and treatment for osteoporosis.

2012-01-25 17:35:00

The US Drug Watchdog says, "Its hard to comprehend what it might be like for a middle aged, or older woman, who was taking the Osteoporosis drug called Fosamax, who had an unexplainable broken

2012-01-19 08:00:00

The US Drug Watchdog says, "It sounds counterintuitive, that a drug supposedly devised to fight osteoporosis could also be associated with women, who suffered an out of the blue broken femur

2012-01-04 08:00:00

The US Drug Watchdog says, "We intend to make femur breaks and the osteoporosis drug Fosamax one of our top initiatives in 2012.

2011-12-28 08:00:00

The US Drug Watchdog says, "In the instance of Fosamax, we are talking about women, whose leg simply broke.

2011-12-22 08:00:00

The US Drug Watchdog is urging family members, or loved ones of women, who have suffered an out of the blue femur break, or broken thigh bone, to ask the woman if she was using osteoporosis drug

2011-12-13 15:08:13

A man-made package filled with nature's bone-building ingredients delivers the goods over time and space to heal serious bone injuries faster than products currently available.

2011-12-06 23:37:42

It is now possible to use dental X-rays to predict who is at risk of fractures, reveals a new study from researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy reported in the journal Nature Reviews Endocrinology.

3-D Printer Used To Make Bone-like Material
2011-11-30 10:40:53

Washington State University researchers have used a 3D printer to create a bone-like material and structure that can be used in orthopedic procedures, dental work, and to deliver medicine for treating osteoporosis.

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