Latest Osteology Stories

2011-01-10 14:52:42

In this paper, Noriyuki Tsumaki and his team at the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, used fibroblasts isolated from adult mouse skin, and expressed proteins used to induce pluripotency along with a factor that promotes a chondrocyte fate.

2011-01-05 13:53:02

Treating fractures in children requires special knowledge of growth physiology.

2010-12-13 07:30:00

WARSAW, Ind., Dec. 13, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Zimmer Holdings, Inc.

2010-11-04 17:53:43

The adult human skeleton undergoes constant remodeling, with new bone forming at sites that have been broken down by a precise process called resorption.

2010-10-25 13:23:26

A daily dose of whole body vibration may help reduce the usual bone density loss that occurs with age.

2010-10-22 19:39:59

With a failure rate as high as 50 percent, bone tissue grafts pose a significant obstacle to orthopedic surgeons attempting to repair complex fractures or large areas of bone loss, such as those often caused by trauma and cancer.

2010-10-19 08:47:35

A new study shows that women with high T-scores don’t need screening every two years, but at least every ten years.

2010-10-15 08:10:41

A new virtual bone biopsy may be a key tool to identify future bone problems for men with prostate cancer.

2010-10-15 08:07:42

A simple ultrasound can speed up the healing of fractures.

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