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2006-08-24 14:59:37

By Bill Trott WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The American astronomer who put Pluto on the solar system map would have accepted its demotion to non-planet status because he was a good scientist, his widow said on Thursday. "Clyde said, 'Well, it's there. You can do what you want with it,"' Patricia Tombaugh, 94, said from her home in Las Cruces, New Mexico, after the International Astronomical Union downgraded husband Clyde Tombaugh's crowning achievement. Tombaugh was 24 years old and...

2005-08-10 12:00:00

LONDON -- Scientists have spotted an asteroid with more than one moon -- the first discovery of its kind. Astronomers found a second moonlet orbiting 87 Sylvia, a heavenly body zooming around the sun in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, according to a Nature magazine report. Sylvia was previously thought to be one of 60 asteroids with just one moon, said University of California astronomer Franck Marchis, whose team made the discovery in March. "We were very excited -- it was the...

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