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2008-08-15 12:00:59

U.S. researchers suggest chronic ear infections could be linked to people's preference for fatty foods, which increases their risk of being overweight.

2008-06-20 12:20:00

New research suggests that babies prone to ear infections should avoid using a pacifier.

2008-03-13 11:30:00

A new five-year study at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston confirms the suspected close link between the two most common diseases of young children: colds and ear infections.

2007-02-01 09:00:00

When a Boston couple and their daughter recently got kicked off an AirTran Airways flight because their 3-year-old wouldn't calm down, the parents not only blamed the airline for being insensitive, but they also blamed ear discomfort for triggering the toddler's tantrum.

2006-03-03 05:40:14

LONDON (Reuters) - A new vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline Plc could help to reduce middle ear infection, a common problem in toddlers, scientists said on Friday.

2006-03-02 19:11:49

LONDON (Reuters) - A new vaccine could help to reduce middle ear infection, a common problem in toddlers, scientists said on Friday.

2006-02-07 13:15:00

Exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first six months of an infant's life reduces the risk of respiratory tract infections, compared with breastfeeding for shorter durations, according to a new study.

2005-10-21 16:10:48

The mass use of antibiotics has caused a rise of bacterial resistance to these drugs that is threatening to destroy the power of these life saving drugs. Two separate systematic reviews published this week in The Cochrane Library show how appropriate interventions in hospitals and doctors' offices can result in improvements in the ways doctors prescribe antibiotics and may lead to a reduction in resistant bacteria.

2005-10-18 14:42:25

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Children of doctors and pharmacists are significantly less likely to be given antibiotics for common colds and viral respiratory infections compared with children in the general population, Taiwanese researchers report in the journal Pediatrics. Dr.

2005-08-24 15:31:11

A Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh study finds that prompt insertion of tympanostomy tubes (small ear tubes) does not improve developmental outcomes of children at 6 years of age as once thought.

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2012-12-31 12:28:34

In 1861 Adam Politzer of Vienna spent much time studying the air movement in the Eustachian tubes and the ear canal. He would measure the air movement by attaching a manometer, a very large gauge, to the ear canal and the pharynx. He developed an apparatus known as the Politzer bag in 1863 which is a less invasive way to clear the Eustachian tubes. Procedure Politzerization, also known as the Politzer maneuver, is a medical procedure which inserts air in the middle ear while the patient...

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