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Hunting, Fishing Giving Way To Observation, Outdoor Photography
2012-06-21 08:22:29

Individuals living in the U.S. are becoming increasingly more likely to observe or photograph nature than they are to fish, hunt, or participate in other traditional outdoor activities, the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS) claims in a recent study. The research, which was prepared as part of the USDA Forest Service's 2010 Resources Planning Act (RPA) Assessment, demonstrated an overall upswing in terms of nature-based activity participation from 2000 to 2009, the...

2008-06-11 11:00:00

An unprecedented review of recreational injuries found that most injuries occur during snowboarding than any other outdoor activity.Broken bones and sprains accounted for half of all cases studied. About 7 percent of ER visits were for concussions or other brain injuries.Sledding and hiking were the second and third most dangerous activities, researchers said."We want people to participate in outdoor recreational activities. But we want people to recognize that there's cause for concern and...

2008-02-05 09:35:00

Researchers say the public trend toward spending more time in front of computers and television is causing people to spend less time outdoors interacting with nature, and eventually, less interest in conservation and parks.In Monday's online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers report that per capita visits to parks, as well as camping and fishing trips are experiencing a noticeable decline.According to The Nature Conservancy's Web site, the study examined...

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