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2011-08-23 21:19:39

Pretty much everybody thinks they're better than average. But in some cultures, people are more self-aggrandizing than in others. Until now, national differences in "self-enhancement" have been chalked up to an East-West individualism-versus-collectivism divide. In the West, where people value independence, personal success, and uniqueness, psychologists have said, self-inflation is more rampant. In the East, where interdependence, harmony, and belonging are valued, modesty prevails. Now...

2011-07-14 15:11:30

Feeling of control over one's life a strong influence Self-esteem increases during adolescence, then slows in young adulthood, but contrary to popular belief, there is no significant difference between men's and women's self-esteem during either of those life phases, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. In addition, the researchers found that in adolescence, Hispanics had lower self-esteem than blacks or non-Hispanic whites, but Hispanics' self-esteem...

2010-04-02 11:42:44

Higher income, better health help maintain self-esteem, according to psychologists WASHINGTON "“ Self-esteem rises steadily as people age but starts declining around the time of retirement, according to a longitudinal study of men and women ranging in age from 25 to 104. "Self-esteem is related to better health, less criminal behavior, lower levels of depression and, overall, greater success in life," said the study's lead author, Ulrich Orth, PhD. "Therefore, it's important to learn...

2009-07-10 07:20:00

KING CITY, Ontario, July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- It is no surprise that as the millions in the generation known for rejecting and redefining traditional values are starting to retire, the concept of retirement is also changing. In the new book, "Psychology of Executive Retirement: From Fear to Passion" (published by iUniverse), author Doug Treen offers an original look at retirement by challenging baby boomers to prepare for this life change psychologically as well as financially. "Psychology of...

2009-04-03 16:30:41

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine's (BUSM) New England Centenarian Study have noted specific personality traits associated with healthy aging and longevity amongst the children of centenarians. The work was conducted in collaboration with scientists from the National Institute on Aging. These findings currently appear on-line in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.Previous research on siblings and offspring of centenarians have documented that exceptional...

2008-09-16 00:00:30

By Drs Kay Judge and Maxine Barish-Wreden The secret to a long life is actually pretty simple, according to recent research from the National Institute on Aging. After tracking more than 2,300 people for more than 50 years, researchers there found that calm and active people lived longer than their counterparts. These findings came from data collected by the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging -- the oldest running study on aging -- and were published in the July-August issue of the...

2008-09-08 18:00:25

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