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2009-07-13 18:01:00

U.S. medical scientists say they have grown immature human egg cells to near maturity in a laboratory. The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine researchers said their achievement marks the first time anyone has successfully grown a woman's immature egg cells, contained in a tiny sac called a follicle, to a healthy and nearly mature egg in the laboratory. When an egg is fully mature, it is ready to be fertilized. The scientists said their research, if successful in the next...

2009-05-15 08:56:15

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health and other institutions have identified in mice two proteins essential for ovulation to take place.The finding has implications for treating infertility resulting from a failure of ovulation to occur as well as for developing new means to prevent pregnancy by preventing the release of the egg.The proteins, called ERK1 and ERK2, appear to bring about the maturation and release of the egg.The study, appearing in the May 15 issue of Science, was...

Latest Ovarian follicle Reference Libraries

2013-03-05 14:55:04

The ovaries are the two reproductive female organs where the eggs are produced. These are parallel to the testes in men. Formation and Orientation Each ovary is the size of an almond and is located on one side of the pelvis before the ureter and internal iliac artery but after the external iliac artery. They are attached to either side of the uterus. They are connected and release eggs to fallopian tubes, though not attached, monthly during the menstrual cycle. They also produce...

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