Latest Over-consumption Stories

Consumption And Population Control, Key Factors In Sustainable Future
2012-04-26 11:40:02

Experts need to focus their attention on over-consumption in the developed world and a ballooning population throughout the poorest countries in order to bring society back down to a sustainable future, says a new report by the Royal Society.

2009-05-11 12:22:00

MEADVILLE, Pa., May 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Story of Stuff Project -- an international initiative aimed at inspiring individuals to come together to re-think the production, sale, use and disposal of all the consumer goods, or "stuff," in their lives -- has appointed Allegheny College professor Michael Maniates to its inaugural advisory board.

2008-06-09 20:40:00

The Swiss-based conservation group WWF reported Monday that growing populations in many African nations are quickly dwindling the continent's natural resources.

2006-01-11 18:48:28

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Earth lacks the energy, arable land and water to enable populous and fast-growing China and India to attain Western levels of resource consumption, an environmental think tank said in a report on Wednesday.

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