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Consumption And Population Control, Key Factors In Sustainable Future
2012-04-26 11:40:02

Lawrence LeBlond for RedOrbit.com Experts need to focus their attention on over-consumption in the developed world and a ballooning population throughout the poorest countries in order to bring society back down to a sustainable future, says a new report by the Royal Society. The planet is currently on a collision course with an economic and environmental catastrophe if world leaders do not come up with real solutions quickly, according to the “People and the Planet” report,...

2009-05-11 12:22:00

MEADVILLE, Pa., May 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Story of Stuff Project -- an international initiative aimed at inspiring individuals to come together to re-think the production, sale, use and disposal of all the consumer goods, or "stuff," in their lives -- has appointed Allegheny College professor Michael Maniates to its inaugural advisory board. The project seeks to build on the remarkable interest in "The Story of Stuff," a 20-minute film that looks at the underside of society's...

2008-06-09 20:40:00

The Swiss-based conservation group WWF reported Monday that growing populations in many African nations are quickly dwindling the continent's natural resources. The warning was part of the group's flagship report on Africa's ecological footprint, which provides an estimate of a region's land and sea surface required each year to meet the consumption demands of its population. "A growing number of African countries are depleting their natural resources -- or will shortly be doing so -- faster...

2006-01-11 18:48:28

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Earth lacks the energy, arable land and water to enable populous and fast-growing China and India to attain Western levels of resource consumption, an environmental think tank said in a report on Wednesday. The Worldwatch Institute said booming China and India, once sleepy backwaters in the world economy, are becoming not only economic powers, but "planetary powers that are shaping the global biosphere" and affecting world economic policies. The...

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