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Image 1 - Higgs Boson App Released For Android Devices
2011-10-10 08:30:44

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider -- located on the French-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland -- have unveiled a new free app for Google Android phones and tablet computers that lets users see events unfolding live inside the particle accelerator in a 3D view. The app, called LHSEE, has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times. It was created by scientists, led by Dr Alan Barr, at Oxford University and has full approval of CERN. While the app doesn´t capture everything,...

Is Laughter Really The Best Medicine
2011-09-14 12:48:56

  A new study has revealed that laughter might actually be the best medicine after all. Oxford University researchers found that volunteers were able to withstand 10 percent more pain when they spent 15 minutes watching comedy videos beforehand. The team split two groups of volunteers up for the study, one group who watched the videos, and another who watched "boring" programs before. The scientists found that the group who watched 15 minutes of "boring" programs were less...

2011-08-09 08:03:00

CHICAGO, Aug., 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ThoughtWorks, Inc. (www.thoughtworks.com) the global leader in enterprise Agile development services, today announced that Jez Humble's book, Continuous Delivery, has been selected by Oxford University as the set text for its "Agile Practices in Engineering" course curriculum. Released in 2010, Continuous Delivery is recognized as one of the most important software development books to be published during the past year as enterprises work to extend...

2011-07-27 10:50:00

Researchers from Oxford University studying the eye sockets and brain capacity of 55 human skulls from 12 different populations across the world found people from northern parts of the world evolved bigger brains and larger eyes, aiding in coping with long, dark winters and dim skies, Reuters is reporting. "Having bigger brains doesn't mean that higher latitude humans are smarter, it just means they need bigger brains to be able to see well where they live," explained Eiluned Pearce from...

2011-07-21 11:10:00

A new study led by Oxford University has concluded that some of the most common and deadly cancers are more prevalent for taller women than they are for shorter females, The Guardian is reporting. Although height is known to affect cancer risk, this latest research published in the Lancet Oncology shows that taller women have a higher risk of getting at least 10 types of cancer, more than previously thought. They include breast, bowel, ovarian and skin cancer, leukemia and malignant...

2011-07-13 13:14:42

Researchers say intervening early during teen years may help to prevent adult problems later Training teenagers to look at social situations positively could help those with anxiety and may help prevent problems persisting into adult life, new research from Oxford University is beginning to suggest. The researchers found that tasks designed to prompt either positive or negative interpretations of unclear situations can shift how healthy teenagers think about such events. The approach is...

2011-07-07 07:49:48

An Oxford University researcher is developing a pair of eyeglasses that will allow people with poor or limited vision to see again. The glasses, which use technology typically seen in smartphones and gaming consoles, is one of the main attractions of this year's Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in Britain. "We want to be able to enhance vision in those who've lost it or who have little left or almost none,' said Dr. Stephen Hicks of the Department of Clinical Neurology at Oxford...

2011-06-15 13:40:00

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's uncertain economic climate, one thing is definite - anyone can get fired. Presidents, vice presidents, general managers and yes, even CEOs get fired! What separates the front-page headlines from quiet, amicable splits is what that executive or entrepreneur negotiated before employment began or how well they were represented after termination. For the practitioner looking to represent these executives and entrepreneurs or the...

2011-05-11 00:00:28

The Medical Sciences Division Learning Technologies Department of The University of Oxford ranks ZK, the leading Java web framework in the industry, as the best Ajax framework to build high performance Student Record Systems. The system based on ZK is used in a wide range of departmental administration units across the Division replacing multiple spreadsheets that were previously used to manage student information. (PRWEB) May 10, 2011 The Medical Sciences Division Learning Technologies...

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