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Astronauts Diagnosed With Eye Problems After Returning From Space
2013-12-11 16:34:15

NASA Those who travel to space are rewarded with a beautiful sight – planet Earth. But the effects of space travel on the human sense of sight aren’t so beautiful. More than 30 percent of astronauts who returned from two-week space shuttle missions and 60 percent who spent six months aboard the International Space Station were diagnosed with eye problems. Two recent investigations examined mechanisms that may explain eye changes in spaceflight, help find ways to minimize this health...

2013-11-26 23:21:23

Singers, musicians welcome revolutionary new way to measure free radicals and keep their performing lives in balance. Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) November 26, 2013 Fluitec Consumer Products, LLC launched its proprietary TestME™ kit, a revolutionary new product for measuring the level of free radicals in the human body, to rave reviews at a celebrity event held in conjunction with the American Music Awards this weekend in Los Angeles. Nia Peebles, R & B singer, dancer and actress, best...

2013-11-21 23:21:50

Fluitec Consumer Products' revolutionary new testing kit, TestME™, is a unique tool for assessing and monitoring free radicals and oxidative stress in the human body. The kit, designed for at-home consumer use, is fast reliable and cost effective. Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) November 21, 2013 Fluitec Consumer Products, LLC is in final preparation for the launch of its proprietary TestME™ kit, a revolutionary new consumer product for measuring oxidative stress, or oxidative damage, in...

2013-11-19 23:02:35

Oxidative Stress in humans has been linked with aging and serious medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, Autism, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Fluitec Consumer Product's TestMeKit, soon to be released, gives anyone the ability to measure and monitor oxidative stress levels in their body in the comfort of their own home. Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) November 19, 2013 Fluitec Consumer Products, a part of Fluitec International, is in final preparation for the launch later this...

2013-11-14 23:21:59

Fluitec Consumer Products LLC's soon to be released in home test kit, TestME™, a fast, simple and reliable measure of oxidative stress levels (i.e. cell damage) in the human body, received rave reviews at an Autism Speaks event on the Jersey Shore. TestME™ is of particular interest and value to parents or caregivers of children diagnosed with Autism. Jeresey City, NJ (PRWEB) November 14, 2013 Fluitec Consumer Products LLC, a subsidiary of Jersey City, NJ-based Fluitec...

Microgravity Accelerates Biological Aging
2013-11-01 05:35:28

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online In the race to push humanity farther and farther into outer space for longer periods of time, the real losers might just be the astronauts themselves. A new study, conducted on the International Space Station (ISS), describe experiments involving cells that line the inner surfaces of blood vessels, called endothelial cells. The findings, published in The FASEB Journal, reveal that microgravity accelerates cardiovascular disease and...

Eye Structure Begins To Change After Thirteen Days In Space
2013-10-24 15:06:44

[ Watch the Video: How Does Space Travel Affect The Eye? ] Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online It is widely known that space can have adverse effects on an astronaut’s body over time, and scientists reporting in the journal Gravitational and Space Research say it can even affect their eyes. Researchers from several institutions, led by Houston Methodist pathologist Patricia Chévez-Barrios, MD, sent mice into orbit aboard the STS-133 space shuttle Discovery mission...

2013-10-16 08:59:41

Bone is constantly being broken down and remodeled. Osteoporosis results when bone resorption outpaces bone regeneration. Production of reactive oxygen species, a form of oxidative stress, has been predicted to promote bone loss, but a source of reactive oxygen is unknown. In this issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Katrin Schröder and colleagues at Goethe-University identify a relationship between NADPH oxidase 4 (NOX4), an enzyme that promotes reactive oxygen species...

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