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2011-12-12 19:15:00

Two Decades of Research by Bio-Logic Aqua Research Founder Sharon Kleyne on Dry Eye and Dry Skin. Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) December 12, 2011 Sharon Kleyne, American woman entrepreneur, water advocate and Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, is announcing a new category in the global business of water. This comes after two decades of research into the effects of humidity, pollution, fresh water and climate change on health and mortality. She projects that her new "breath of life" business of...

2010-07-20 16:31:00

PHOENIX, July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Arizona American Water reminds customers to stay hydrated as summer temperatures soar. The human body is more than 60 percent water. Even mild dehydration can reduce a person's work capacity by 12 to 15 percent, affecting physical and mental functioning. Dehydration can lead to poor decision making, accidents and injury. Continued exposure to heat without proper hydration can lead to an electrolyte imbalance, muscle cramps and eventually heat stroke....

2010-04-14 08:45:00

Dust may be a nuisance around the house but it plays a vital role in the formation of the key ingredient for life on Earth "“ water "“ according to researchers at Heriot-Watt University.  The results from pioneering experiments to solve one of the mysteries of the interstellar space, where did all the water come from, will be presented by Victoria Frankland at the RAS National Astronomy Meeting in Glasgow on Wednesday April 14th. "We think that the Earth's water was delivered...

2009-12-07 14:41:57

There is more to the snowflake than its ability to delight schoolchildren and snarl traffic. The structure of the frosty flakes also fascinate ice chemists like Purdue University's Travis Knepp, a doctoral candidate in analytical chemistry who studies the basics of snowflake structure to gain more insight into the dynamics of ground-level, or "tropospheric," ozone depletion in the Arctic. "A lot of chemistry occurs on ice surfaces," Knepp said. "By better understanding the physical structure...

2009-11-16 08:02:21

New method targets oil sheen, other pollutants Small amounts of oil leave a fluorescent sheen on polluted water. Oil sheen is hard to remove, even when the water is aerated with ozone or filtered through sand. Now, a University of Utah engineer has developed an inexpensive new method to remove oil sheen by repeatedly pressurizing and depressurizing ozone gas, creating microscopic bubbles that attack the oil so it can be removed by sand filters. "We are not trying to treat the entire...

2009-11-04 08:30:44

If a circadian rhythm is like an orchestra - the united expression of the rhythms of millions of cells - a common chemical may serve as the conductor, or at least as the baton. The chemical is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), the active ingredient in color safe bleach. Produced in all animal cells, hydrogen peroxide may act as a signal for the active and resting phases of living things, new research by USC biologists suggests. A study published in the journal PLoS ONE shows that hydrogen peroxide...

2009-09-17 07:25:00

German scientists investigating the complex chemical mixture thought to be present in the early Earth's oceans have found that amino acids can be "Ëœcooked' into many other important chemical building blocks of life when embedded in salt crusts. Results of the laboratory experiments will be presented by Dr Stefan Fox at the European Planetary Science Congress in Potsdam, Germany, on Thursday September 17. Approximately 4.5 - 3.8 billion years ago, the Earth was probably covered by a...

2009-07-14 16:00:00

Scientists search for an understanding of the air-water interface and its effect on air qualityTraveling to Los Angeles can be a hazardous undertaking. The buzzing coastal city at the very edge of the American frontier has long been a symbol of exploration and progress. As planes land in L.A., they must first penetrate the dark, ominous cloud that hangs constantly above the skyscrapers. Smog lies over L.A. like a thick blanket, dimming the sunshine of the Golden State.To some degree,...

2009-07-09 10:50:00

Through a recent modeling experiment, a team of NASA-funded researchers have found that future concentrations of carbon dioxide and ozone in the atmosphere and of nitrogen in the soil are likely to have an important but overlooked effect on the cycling of water from sky to land to waterways.The researchers concluded that models of climate change may be underestimating how much water is likely to run off the land and back into the sea as atmospheric chemistry changes. Runoff may be as much as...

2009-04-06 09:16:47

Weizmann Institute Scientists Develop a Unique Approach for Splitting Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen The design of efficient systems for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, driven by sunlight is among the most important challenges facing science today, underpinning the long term potential of hydrogen as a clean, sustainable fuel. But man-made systems that exist today are very inefficient and often require additional use of sacrificial chemical agents. In this context, it is important to...

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