Latest Oxygen compounds Stories

2008-07-02 06:00:47

By Loraine, Gregory A ABSTRACT: In this paper, components of an industrial wastewater that cause operational problems during biological treatment were oxidized by UV light and hydrogen peroxide (UV/H^sub 2^O^sub 2^). Preoxidation of wastewater was shown to remove polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and ethoxylate surfactant and increase overall biodegradability. Several UV intensities and hydrogen peroxide concentrations were tested to find optimal conditions for the complete depolymerization of PVP...

2007-11-29 09:00:41

Novazone, Inc., a leading provider of clean solutions for food and water, today announced that, effective immediately, it has changed its corporate name to Purfresh, Inc. The name change comes after more than a decade of Novazone's technology leadership in developing and manufacturing patented, ozone-based solutions for food and water quality and safety. While the company will continue to market Novazone-branded ozone generators, the corporate name Purfresh more accurately reflects...

2007-11-21 03:00:31

By Ning, Bo Graham, Nigel J D; Lickiss, Paul D ABSTRACT: The aqueous degradation of iodinated X-ray contrast media (ICM) by the combination of ozone and ultrasound has been studied. Experiments were conducted at a constant ultrasound frequency of 20 kHz, at five power densities up to 0.235 W/mL, and various ozone centrations. In experiments involving dissolved ozone in solution, the addition of ultrasound significantly decreased the oxidation performance of the dissolved ozone, while the...

2007-02-02 18:00:52

By Corbin, Joseph F III; Teel, Amy L; Allen-King, Richelle M; Watts, Richard J ABSTRACT: The enhanced treatment of sorbed contaminants has been documented in modified Fenton's reactions; contaminants are desorbed and degraded more rapidly than they desorb by fill-and-draw or gas- purge desorption. The reactive species responsible for this process was investigated using dodecane as a model sorbent. Hydroxyl radical, hydroperoxide anion, and superoxide radical anion were generated...

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