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2009-06-25 15:40:00

How did piranhas "” the legendary freshwater fish with the razor bite "” get their telltale teeth? Researchers from Argentina, the United States and Venezuela have uncovered the jawbone of a striking transitional fossil that sheds light on this question. Named Megapiranha paranensis, this previously unknown fossil fish bridges the evolutionary gap between flesh-eating piranhas and their plant-eating cousins.Present-day piranhas have a single row of triangular teeth, like the blade...

2008-10-06 00:00:20

IPOH: While acknowledging that the fish population in the Perak waterways is dwindling, state Fisheries Department director Sani Mohd Isa said there could be other reasons. "The peacock bass problem cannot possibly be the main reason why fishermen were hauling in lesser fish these days. "The peacock bass might be one reason for the reduction of local fish and prawn species in our rivers, but we have not received any report on it." Sani said the department would investigate the problem....

2008-08-11 00:00:00

By Bob Frye The beauty of fishing lies in the unexpected. Cast out a line and anything can happen. Still, what Michael Chesla experienced last weekend is a bit out of the ordinary. Chesla, who lives in Bradenville, was at Lloydsville Sportsmen's Club's pond. He was casting a sucker spawn on a fly rod, hoping to land one of the trout the club stocks, or perhaps even a bass. He got neither. Instead, he landed what appears to be a pacu, a South American species native to the Amazon but often...

2008-08-07 03:00:00

EL PASO -- Ruben Rodriguez caught a fish so ugly and with such a nasty personality that it may go down as one of the best fish stories out of Ascarate Lake -- maybe as good as the one about "Old Whiskers." The fish, caught Tuesday, had humanlike teeth, growled, was 15 inches long, bit a hook in half and stunned a man who weighs about 200 pounds. "I believe it's a piranha," Rodriguez said. "When I caught it, it scared me. ... It was very aggressive; it snapped his jaw and snorted at me when I...

2007-06-08 21:00:14

By Scott Richardson CLINTON - DeWitt County is a long way from the Amazon River in South America. But that didn't stop a toothy pacu from taking bait that Virgil Hunter of Weldon dangled in the hot-water discharge of Clinton Lake about 5 p.m. Saturday. The fish, which is a close relative of the piranha, weighed just more than 1.2 pounds. Steve Pallo, program section head for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, said both pacu and piranhas are wrongly stocked by aquarium owners...

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