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2015-03-02 12:22:33

Annual stamp issue is beloved by gardeners and brides-to-be. OTTAWA, March 2, 2015 /CNW/ - Canada Post's much-anticipated annual floral series is this year featuring fresh-faced

2008-10-08 03:00:14

By Adlam, John Whitefly With predators, add Majestik, Nemolt, SB Plant Invigorator and Mycotal into your integrated pest management programme. Mycotal is a useful control product especially in humidity levels above 80 per cent under protection.

2008-10-05 09:00:10

By MARY REID BARROW By Mary Reid Barrow Correspondent You never know what special plants you might find for your home or garden when you shop at the Virginia Beach Garden Club Fall Flower Festival.

2008-09-08 15:00:33

By Digging In TRACEY HOBSON For the Journal Q: Having planted several fruit trees this past spring, I'm curious if there is anything I can do now to help get my young trees healthier for the time being? A: There are two things I suggest.

2007-04-07 15:00:15

Q:WE had to remove a dying almond tree from our patio. We are looking to replace it with a new tree that has beautiful foliage, and that fully flowers in the spring and will not grow too big, but will give a little shade over our patio table.

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2005-07-12 15:38:04

The Heartsease (Viola triocolor) is a common European wild flower and grows as an annual or short-lived perennial. In North America, where it spread widely after its introduction, it is known as the Johnny Jump Up (though this name is also applied to similar native species such as the Yellow Pansy). It is the progenitor of the cultivated Pansy, and is therefore sometimes called the Wild Pansy; before the cultivated Pansies were developed, "pansy" was an alternative name for the wild form....

2005-07-12 11:20:45

The Pansy or Pansy Violet is a cultivated garden flower. It is derived from the wildflower called the Heartsease or Johnny Jump Up (Viola tricolor), and is sometimes given the subspecies name Viola tricolor hortensis. However, many garden varieties are hybrids and are referred to as Viola × wittrockiana. The name "pansy" also appears as part of the common name of a number of wild flowers belonging, like the cultivated Pansy, to the violet genus Viola. One or two unrelated flowers such as...

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