Latest Paper recycling Stories

New Technique Removes Ink From Paper
2012-03-16 07:02:01

Researchers from Cambridge University have successfully removed toner-print from paper, opening up the opportunity to save trees. The team was able to remove toner-print from scrap paper effectively without causing significant paper damage by employing a variety of lasers. This technique will allow paper to be reused, without be discarded, shredded or sent to a recycling plant. “What we need to do now is find someone to build a prototype," Dr Julian M. Allwood, leader of the...

Christmas Waste Paper Could Be Turned Into High Grade Biofuel
2011-12-24 05:06:32

UK's wrapping paper and festive cards could provide energy to send a bus to the moon more than 20 times If all the UK's discarded wrapping paper and Christmas cards were collected and fermented, they could make enough biofuel to run a double-decker bus to the moon and back more than 20 times, according to the researchers behind a new scientific study. The study, by scientists at Imperial College London, demonstrates that industrial quantities of waste paper could be turned into high...

2011-08-09 08:00:00

CINCINNATI, Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- xpedx, one of the largest and premier distribution companies in North America, is implementing a national recycling program in association with its parent company, International Paper (NYSE: IP). This initiative is an element in xpedx's overall sustainability strategy, where the business is committed to maintaining sustainable operations, offering sustainable product choices and providing leadership in sustainable business practices for its...

2011-06-16 00:00:30

The U.S. recycling rate for aluminum beverage cans has reached its highest level in a decade, with 58.1% of all cans recycled last year"”a rate that is nearly double that of any other beverage container. Nearly 56 billion aluminum cans were recycled in 2010, saving the energy equivalent of 17 million barrels of crude oil, or nearly two days of all U.S. oil imports. Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 15, 2011 The U.S. recycling rate for aluminum beverage cans has reached its highest level in...

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