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Rothschilds Birdwing
2007-12-27 10:26:59

The Rothschild's Birdwing (Ornithoptera rothschildi), is a large butterfly from the birdwing genus endemic to the Arfak Mountains, Western New Guinea. The Rothschild's Birdwing has the most restricted distribution of all birdwings. Its preferred habitat is flowering meadows in an altitude from 6500 to 8800 feet. The females can reach a wingspan up to 6 inches. The forewings are dark brown...

Rajah Brooke Butterfly
2007-12-27 09:49:33

The Rajah Brooke Butterfly (Trogonoptera brookiana), is a distinctive black and electric-green birdwing butterfly from rainforests in Borneo and Malaysia. It is the national butterfly of Malaysia. The wings of the male butterflies are black and each forewing has seven teeth-shaped electric-green markings. The wings of the female butterflies are browner with prominent white flashes at the...

Scarce Swallowtail
2007-10-26 11:51:59

The Scarce Swallowtail (Iphiclides podalirius), is a butterfly found in gardens, fields and open woodlands. It is found in places with sloe thickets and particularly orchards. It is also called Sail Swallowtail or Pear-tree Swallowtail. It is widespread throughout Europe with the exception of the northern parts. Its range extends northwards to Saxony and central Poland and eastwards across Asia...

Swallowtail Butterfly
2005-07-13 19:45:44

The swallowtail butterflies form the family Papilionidae (550 species). They are large, colorful butterflies. The majority are tropical, but members of the family are found on all continents except Antarctica. This family includes the largest butterflies in the world, the birdwing butterflies of Australasia (genus Troides). Swallowtails vary from all other butterflies in a number of...

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