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Latest Parallax barrier Stories

2012-08-20 18:38:28

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online For years and years, even in the early days of cinema and television, engineers and researchers have tried to craft a way to add the illusion of depth to projected images. We´ve long relied on glasses in order to achieve this 3D effect, and while the glasses we use now are a far cry away from the paper blue-and-red lenses we once wore, many are still attempting to create a lens free solution. Now, an optics research team from...

2012-01-06 10:00:00

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Jan. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MasterImage 3D, one of the fastest growing 3D solutions providers in the world, today announced it has launched glasses-free HD 720 resolution 3D display for a 4.3" smartphone and WUXGA (1920*1200) resolution 3D display for a 10.1" tablet. A demonstration of the technology, showcasing a first-look at premium 3D content streamed through MasterImage 3D Media's embedded portal and media player, will be shown at the...

2011-05-04 14:15:00

Researchers at MIT's Media Lab announced on Wednesday that they have developed a new approach to glasses-free 3D technology. The team said they could double the battery life of devices like Nintendo's 3DS portable gaming system without compromising screen brightness or resolution.  The researchers also said that their technique would expand the viewing angle of a 3D screen. According to Doug Lanman, a postdoc in Associate Professor Ramesh Raskar's Camera Culture Group at the Media...